Which Movie Are You Seeing? – May, 12, 2023


Rover took over & gave a bone of his own!” 😁😂🤣

Pheromones, anyone? 😳🌹😊



WHO deClARES Mpox No Longer Global Health Emergency! 💩

Mpox is no longer a global health emergency, WHO declares

Remember the Monkey pox scar? 🌹



Shaun Galt Anon is back with Audio File 50 & it’s 🔥🔥🔥!

(Ok I made up Shaun Galt — Atlas Shrugged movie reference.) 😁

CIC Trump Comms and US COG | Russian Spec_Ops In Caribbean | WW Ops Entering Next Phase | SKY FAL



The normies that have no clue on the 3 movies playing out, with zero knowledge about the slow infiltration of CNN, are experiencing technical difficulties. Of course they then descend deeper into lower emotions, energy & timelines — into their own self-destruction.

All we can do is observe with neutrality — maybe a few giggles cause we should always maintain a higher state of being & never absorb their lower energy. 😁😂🤣

Trump Hijacks CNN, Steamrolls Kaitlan Collins




Speaking of movies, here’s the full video of Trump’s ‘Tip of the Spear’ Energy on CNN Townhall Interview. 🍊👀🍊

Are you NOT entertained yet?! 😁😁😁



And technically there is a 4th movie — YOUR OWN PERSONAL TIMELINE & QUANTUM REALITY. ✨👁✨

This is the most important movie. As drastic & very intense changes occur, it will be the most chaos humanity will ever experience in our times — however, this experience depends on your own vibratory state of being. This means that if your personal vibration & energy level is low, you will experience a harsher reality from lower timelines.

As above, so below — a high vibrational & fully charged Being magnetizes to the higher timelines, even in chaos. Move as a Force of GOD in the physical realm & the lower elements will repel from you like magnets of the same poles. With this energetic force, One can move them out of existence for G♾️D.

Know Thy Self. Write, Produce, Direct & Star in your own movie. 🙏🏽💜🔥



3 movies are playing out in the collective. 🍿👀🍿

1) Normie Timeline & Reality — based on 3D illusions & narratives of the govt & corp matrix system. This world is crumbling fast — loaded with heavy & dense lower emotions & frequency.

2) Truther Movement — Alice in Wonderland of Red Pills & Rabbit Holes. From Maga to Anons — military to spirituality, into the Cosmic Higher Dimensional Realms. This is a full spectrum of all levels of Awakening components (govt/corp corruption, religion, medical system, food industry, health & wellness, education & indoctrination, satanism/cannibalism, financial system, lies of history, the Akashic Truth, etc)

3) Behind the Scenes x Making of the Movies — the Divine Force of Good & Light actively eradicating the old guards of Earth in real time. This happens behind public view, with scripts written to drip disclosure & exposure for the collective consciousness — Earth Alliance’s Quantum Game Theory.

Best seat in the house is the Eye of the Storm.



4 thoughts on “Which Movie Are You Seeing? – May, 12, 2023

      1. Did you see the meme with Rover (looks like a real dog) is getting up on e dog? Are you aware that a marine base has been approached twice by the e dogs?


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