Migrants rush to U.S. border as asylum restrictions end ~ May 11, 2023


Editor’s Note: Yes, heavy waves of migrants have appeared at the Mexico/US border seeking to cross into the US, however…many have been repulsed by US Border agents allied with National Guard troops. Heavy gunfire reported at Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge, which connects Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Biden has mobilized 1,500 active-duty troops to join 2,500 National Guard personnel supporting U.S. border agents.

Once Title 42 lifts, the US government will return to a decades-old section of US code known as Title 8, which Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has warned would carry “more severe” consequences for migrants found to be entering the country without a legal basis.

What is Title 42, why is it ending and what’s happening now at the border?

The Department of Homeland Security has repeatedly stressed in recent months that migrants apprehended under Title 8 authority may face a swift deportation process, known as “expedited removal” – and a ban on reentry for at least five years. Those who make subsequent attempts to enter the US could face criminal prosecution, DHS has said.

Thousands of migrants have made their way to the US-Mexico border, as President Trump’s Title 42 immigration restrictions come to an end. The restrictions, originally put in place in 2020, were intended to prevent the spread of Covid by suspending rights to seek asylum.

It’s long been thought that the Biden administration would soften these rules, but on Wednesday the Department of Homeland Security announced plans to make it extremely difficult for those traveling through a ‘safe’ country to qualify. Biden’s rules will also electronically tag people seeking asylum and put them under a strict curfew.


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