May 11, 2023: Ripping the Guts Out of the New World Order


Every day the status of our world changes.

BREAKING: House votes YES on Secure Border Act in 219-213 vote, includes e-Verify requirement, with 2 Republicans joining Democrats to vote against border security

The bill passed 219-213.

Things change fast. Looks like India has a more honest and just court system than many of us do.

Imran Khan arrest live updates: Pakistan Supreme Court declares Imran Khan’s ‘arrest illegal’

The wildfire in Nova Scotia is still burning but not spreading, according to news reports. The fires in a large portion of Alberta have people thinking, talking, asking questions, and unifying to do what needs to be done to protect their communities and alert authorities.

An Alberta wildfire website is saying many are Human-caused, some are still under investigation, and lightning caused 11 fires. I have never believed the lightning statistics knowing that there are crazed lunatics paid by the cabal out there literally starting fires wherever they can.

Alberta Is On Fire (ONLY Alberta) and nobody is asking why? @ABDanielleSmith @RachelNotley @JustinTrudeau

#AlbertaFires #AlbertaWildFires

Watch Full Video On Rumble:

— NL Media (@nlmedia11) May 10, 2023

Almost 25,000 people in Alberta, Canada evacuated as wildfires rage across the region amid hot weather and high winds.

Does anyone have a plan for all those displaced Albertans to vote in the upcoming election?

Was this by Design?

— NL Media (@nlmedia11) May 10, 2023

Queen Romana’s people are reporting help in multiple ways, including rainfall in Edmonchuk and forestry trucks from Oregon coming to assist.

There are all kinds of crimes taking place every day, everywhere on this planet. It will change. In the mean time, we have to alert more people to the threats and raise awareness. This short video clip shows little kids being sold in broad daylight. We can’t just turn away. Link to Telegram.

Warning Graphic Video🚨



Join General Patton (

We never know what we’re going to hear or witness from day to day. If you listened to the Norm Traversy interview you learned that the US Military is managing Canada. If we call the number for the Canadian Commercial Corp, we’ll hear them state it very clearly. It will say it’s the American Dept. of Nat Defense according to Q Team Canada.

The fact that Norm was able to buy all those bills is astounding and a delicious twist of fate he and his partner had to take advantage of—and they did! Kudos to them. Nothing in those bills can be changed without the owner’s permission—or else. When Q said, “these people are stupid”, we had little idea how true that is.

I had a lot of personal stuff to handle today so that is all for now. We barely scratched the surface.

See you tomorrow, when it will be FRIDAY!  ~ BP


2 thoughts on “May 11, 2023: Ripping the Guts Out of the New World Order

  1. I just saw a news report that Canada made it illegal to have or post news that is deemed misinformation by fact checkers and deemed hateful. You can’t even have it on your computer even if you don’t post it, this is very scarey and they are right next door to us, while this whole border thing is going on what is going on if we look the other way. I’m telling you this whole border thing is a huge distraction just like everything else, it’s been a problem for a long time so why now?
    So if you were in canada you could get arrested for this blog as they are trying to make alternative news illegal. They are creating this thing at the border cuz they be up to something…just wait and see.


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