IMF Warns Zimbabwe Not To Adopt Recently Launched Gold-Backed Digital Currency ~ May 11, 2023


Editor’s Note: Of course the IMF does NOT want gold-rich Zimbabwe to use it’s gold to back a publicly -traded Zimbabwe currency! Nor does it want any other country of offer a gold/precious metals backed currency of it’s own…

Why? Because the price of gold, and every other precious metal, is currently controlled by the IMF, which has chosen to make the US “petro-dollar” the standard world currency where all trading. by any country, must be conducted via the US $$ (which is tied to a IMF-defined gold price).

Example: Let’s say the IMF decides gold to be worth $1800/oz. and the country “Anonymous” wants to buy grain, priced at $180/bushel, but the value of the “Anonymous” currency trades at 10 Anons to 1 US$. This means the country “Anonymous” must pay 18,000 Anons for 10 bushels of grain. On the other hand, America buys the same 10 bushels for $1800. This is how the IMF controls prices!

After those involved help Zimbabwe standardize the price of their gold-backed currency worldwide through the Global Currency Reset, the “1Anon” = $1 = 1 British pound = 1 Franc= 1 Chinese yuon = Japanese Yen = 1 of any world currency.

This means, after the GCR, many counties who are now desperately poor, will be able to buy what is needed without paying exorbitant prices set to actually keep them poor! This means abundance will begin to flow out across the world as “third-world” countries where modern resources are limited because they “cost so much”, will start to reach an even-level of living with other nations.

So…now you know why the IMF wants to curtail Zimbabwe from backing it’s own currency with it’s own gold. The GCR is designed to level all currencies on earth to be equal to the same amount of gold.

Now you know just how we are all soon to BE in…

Quantum Joy!

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