Goldilocks Says… – May 10, 2023


A repricing event in Gold will give us liquidity to move into a Global Currency Reset.

© Goldilocks

“The figure dropped by more than a third month-over-month from the number of FX contracts in March 2023, which was reported at 37,000. Additionally, the Atlanta-headquartered futures exchange operator registered a similar decrease in FX volumes when compared to April 2022.”

Forex transactions have declined significantly. Some of this is due to currency reforms taking place around the world and waiting on a repricing event on the commodity markets that are tokenized to support them.

Digital/currency standards are beginning to take shape at this point on the State levels and moving into the Federal level.

The GCR is moving into a final phase of development and implementation status.

© Goldilocks


A SOFR lending system will add even more support for this to become a reality.

Gold is expected to raise in value for the next 8 to 10 years to bring in even more support.

Things are about to change dramatically. Buckle up buttercup.

© Goldilocks


MZ: On the group side…I am getting lit up. I had a late night conversation with MilitiaMan last night and I told him what my expectations were- RV happening closer to the weekend or early next and he said I may be wrong. I am hearing from the vast majority of my sources that we can expect it much sooner that that….possibly even “NOW”.

MZ: Even my group sources are still saying to get my ID’s sorted now. They are not giving us timing and I understand that. But, that they are pushing us to be ready immediately –this week- before the end of this week- and if I need to update any personal info – I had better get it done now- this tells me how close we are.

MZ: We do not know the timing but indicators are it is imminent!

MZ: I don’t know. We have been told for some time that we should expect $6-$8 dollars a share for CMKX/Fines and Penalties….it is part of the lawsuit settlement. This money was put in trusts and has been earning interest a long time. Remember its rumor until it can be substantiated as fact.

MZ” North Carolina house passes bill banning CBDC payments to the state” Also Texas, Florida, Ohio and many states have passed this as well. IMO this makes central bank digital currencies dead on arrival.



8 thoughts on “Goldilocks Says… – May 10, 2023

  1. Always use to say: ‘There’s a new sheriff in town….
    And her name is ‘Golilocks’! LOL, seriously, I use to say that of course referring to me, but nevertheless, too funny.


      1. I didn’t get anything…looked at everything that came in…
        can you give me like either the subject line or part of the email so I can search it?


      2. No, that’s my email address, I looked in spam and looked in new mail, nothing from you there. it’s been my email address since AOL began, giving away my age here…it was when you got a cd to log on and heard a screeching sound for like 2 minutes cuz you’re using the phone lines….that’s how long I’ve had that email address….LOL


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