Breaking News Today ~ May 10, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Restored Republic for this information!


  • The Global Currency Reset was already in the works, while the Global Q Forces Military awaited takeover to secure a Devolution of World Governments that protects Liberty of The People.
  • Tues. 9 May Fox News Sen. Johnson: “We have the evidence that Hunter Biden paid tens of thousands of dollars for prostitutes that were sex trafficked through an international sex trafficking ring.” He said that Joe Biden was footing the bill.  
  • The US, Canada, Europe, UK, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Japan were insolvent and unable to continue International Trade without a Global Currency reset.
  • Also on Wed. 10 May on the Restored Republic side, was Biden’s end to Title 42 – meaning those over a million immigrants waiting on the Southern Border would be storming into the US  – giving cause for a Military takeover to protect US citizens.
  • The Democrats, FBI, CIA and Mass Media have used their powers to promote a Leftist Agenda with a goal to ensure the destruction of America’s heritage and ideals through installing a Marxist Communist movement wishing to crush Free Enterprise, the First and Second Amendments, the Family Unit, Free and Fair Elections and the Rule of Law.
  • We no longer have Free and Fair Elections: SCOTUS has refused to take on Election Fraud Cases.
  • 4800 US Banks Insolvent:
  • Biden and his Crime Family have enriched themselves through bribes from foreign entities – especially the Chinese Communist Party – in exchange for political favors.
  • The final stages of the Deep State Plan was getting ready to hit – final Chess moves like more lockdowns, bio-weapon releases, weather weapons and a controlled collapse of the food/gas supply chain.
  • Catastrophic Border Crisis with end of Title 42 on Wed. 10 May.

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