Reigns of Life ~ May 9, 2023


Reins of Life provides mental, physical, emotional, behavioral, & spiritual healing by harnessing the powerful connection between horses & people.

 I would like to introduce you to a group of people who’s vision of what could be done IS being realized with the healing of souls. It is being done in an atmosphere of pure love, respect and trust between children, adults and horses.  Never doubt this union was created by Him who created everything and promised nothing could keep Him from us!  Today, trust is at a premium, but in this situation, it is a daily commodity, free for the giving and taking and developing the ability to open hearts where fear is defeated and smiles and confidence reigns!

They do their work in a community where the need is as great as it can be in lives who fit exactly the definition of: “The Least of These”.   While circumstances, beyond their control, has made them very special, they have found those who can make each day more rewarding than the last.  The world is full of stories in the newspapers, television, and social media of hurt, pain and disappointment.   If you manage to avoid those three, then you may probably be experiencing it first person.  Women and Children are particularly the subject of usually the worst of the evil imaginations. 

Now that I have restated things you already knew, let me interject the answer to the question your heart and head are demanding an answer!  Why is all I hear bad, and why is someone not doing something?  Well I will, in a extremely small way, provide an answer, while only in just one place, reassure you that while you are trying to make your day tolerable, I offer an answer.  

No, it is not the kind of answer you might expect.  In the lives of those who you might describe as deserving a blessing, they have found an answer to have a purposeful life!  Dedicated and extremely capable are descriptions for the staff, Volunteers and supporters. Successful?  Beyond description!  Worthwhile?  Priceless! 

Please take a few minutes to visit the link below. Your day WILL have a special encouragement.  Thank you for you attention. Emails and letters of encouragement to Reins of Life are always appreciated. Sharing their story is a good thing. There is always a need.

Matthew 25:40

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.


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