On The Energies… ~ May 9, 2023


Editor’s Note: (Thanks to reader K. for this share!) Wow..the increasing energies…how are we witnessing the effect of enhanced energies at this time? We are certainly seeing this in the political scene of the USA at this time via the latest “trumped up” Trump charges, as well as the looming (is it really) debt ceiling decision. And then, let us consider the “coronation” in Great Britain actually as a lynch pin for beginning the ultimate downfall of those who seek nothing but “to control”…

The energies are also kicking us all in the butt individually…how are we choosing to react to this energetic influx? Are you retreating back into angst, into reeling into moments of uncertainty? Or…are you reaching for a new sense of Balance by realizing NOTHING is aimed at you personally? Even “your” monies (or lack thereof) are merely a symptom of the moment, having NO-THING to do with yourself. YOU, physically are NOT your money! Rather…YOU ARE ENERGY with the ability to BE, DO, or HAVE whatever you wish!

NOW (No Other Way) is the moment to rise UP with the realization of “Who You Are”, a sovereign BEing of immense capacity to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The Sun keeps kicking flares at us.  We have a backwards Sunspot that won’t stop flaring.  Things are about to go back up energetically tomorrow.  A Solar Storm is expected to hit the 10th.  This is Ascension, lifting our Planet up into higher frequencies.  This is why it’s so important that you’re working on your energy.  All it will take is the right Flare to set off that Solar Flash Event, that we are all waiting for.  This will be a major global event.  We won’t have any notice when it happens either.  We are getting ready for the May Pleiadian Alignment next week.  Every year in Mid May and in November the Sun passes close to the Pleiades Star Cluster in the Taurus constellation.  The May Alignment is when the Pleiades is conjunct with the Sun.  That means we are closest to the Pleiades during the May alignment.  This alignment happens from May 15th thru the 23rd.  Expect the 21st to be the strongest day in this alignment.  We can expect solar storms to kick off the 23rd to the 26th.  This is time to connect with the energy of the Pleiades and the Pleiadians.  Our Taurus New Moon is May 17th.  This will be an amazing time to meditate or to charge your crystals.  Great for getting a Pleiadian recharge.  This is why May is one of the best months for doing energy work.  Allow these energies to uplift and inspire you.  All about healing and tapping into your Divine Mission.  These energies are all about making the Planet a better place.


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