Email Addresses on the Biden Laptop – May 9, 2023


We scraped all 7,698 & present them in an easy-to-digest format.

As you know, Marco Polo is a nonprofit research group. We rely primarily on open-source intelligence (OSINT), particularly property records at the county level, & are constantly looking for new tools to enhance our reach.

When we created & released, we allowed users to download the entire cache of emails (+128k) themselves; it’s been a real hit & we’ve had nearly one million unique visitors to the site.

Nevertheless, while all of the email addresses (7,698) are, of course, present within the cache, it’s a pain for folks to copy/paste each email address into a list in order for them to get a panoramic view of who the now-first family was corresponding with.

We have a solution: Bryan on our team was able to scrape all of the email addresses & put them in a color-coded, domain-separated list. And they are available for download here:

Like the names in Epstein’s little black book, the mere presence of a particular email address does not necessarily prove coordination, let alone criminality, between the person who maintains the email address & the Biden family. However, it does provide a clue—& we follow all clues & leads; that’s why the pResident’s son is asking his daddy’s agencies to prosecute Marco Polo.

Feel free to send anything interesting that you’ve found within the site & the list of email addresses to

If you want to support Marco Polo (EIN: 61-199994), you can do so here.


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