The Regeneration Med Bed Resonance is Useful for Patients Who Necessitate Organ Transplants, Lost or Severed Limbs, Skin Grafts With Cell Memory, Stem Cells and DNA Templates ~ Trust The Plan! ~ May 8, 2023



12 thoughts on “The Regeneration Med Bed Resonance is Useful for Patients Who Necessitate Organ Transplants, Lost or Severed Limbs, Skin Grafts With Cell Memory, Stem Cells and DNA Templates ~ Trust The Plan! ~ May 8, 2023

  1. Trump said in 2020 within a years time, it’s Almost 2024!! When will the damn lies STOP!! Where’s the proof?? Hear say isn’t proof!!


    1. I merely report, and do not instigate the information shared here. People need to learn of the possibility/probability of what lies in their near future. Not many enjoy being kept in the dark…😳🌹


      1. I don’t mean any disrespect but I’ve been suffering unimaginable pain and have been bed bound for over a year with excruciating pain. I’m beyond the help of Doctors, specialist and hospitals. I need a REAL healer ASAP!


      2. Thank you, Jimmie…we ALL want the best for you in these tough moments. Sometimes meditation helps!? Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body, so drink lemon water, use vinegar on foods, etc. This may alleviate your fierce pain s bit? Hope so…🌹😊💕


    2. Jimmie is spot on, Cindy.

      Not many can wait for the good guys to keep being cautious and taking soooo long……some people are running out of time. So, they can’t bother to ‘BE’ this or ‘BE’ that, Cindy. Not to mention I’ll eventually go insane if I have to endure being a human man for years to come, or worse, DIE as a human man. Until someone walks in our shoes………make that IRON BOOTS, as a friend from Cobra’s blog said, no one knows a DAMN about what we have to go through everyday. And IF I die on this rock, and as I am, Cindy…..on my deathbed, I WILL declare my hatred for the good guys for being both too cautious and too incompetent.

      We need SOMETHING……NOW……NOT ‘SOON’.


    3. Gonna take more than that, Cindy. Also, not only are their diseases….but the dark forces have been ATTACKING many of us, many of Cobra’s blog have been attacked, A LOT, especially with this recent mass meditation.

      We need TECHNOLOGY, REAL TECHNOLOGY, Cindy……all this ‘woo woo’ and ‘BE’ stuff, and ‘going within’ only can do so much.


  2. Dr. Tenpenny has repeatedly said that the mRNA technology (Covid Vax) destroys the Vaxed person’s DNA. That indicates that the Medbed will not help the Vaxed. We’ll see…My twin (unvaxed) has cancer from Roundup. There is little hope for relief from her pain & suffering. Having patience now is like climbing Mt. Everest.


    1. Absolutely! Is she willing to investigate alternative therapies? Pot/CBD may help with pain, the THC in pot can also provide some healing. ❤️😊💕


  3. “Patience” and “Soon” have become ugly, dirty words in MY vocabulary. Trump said he’d throw Hilary in jail….to the point where crowds shouted, “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!” to him at rallies whilst still president. And do NOT give me the ‘BEHIND THE SCENES!” reason….until I see Hilary’s DEAD BODY on a slab, not to mention seeing the actual arrest, trial, verdict, sentence and, most importantly, the carrying out of said sentence, it means NOTHING. Same for all the other power mongers.

    Hell, on Cobra’s blog not many give a damn about Trump these days, and cobra having said as well not to go too heavy into the Trump worship.


    1. Hmm…are you in “Cobra” worship? Trump, as Tucker Carlson, is a tool used for the elimination of low-vibe control from Planet Earth.There is plenty to question about this man, yet no other volunteers for his job. Is he Divine? Don’t know, willing to accept that possibility. Is he to be worshipped? No, yet willing to admire the job he is doing.
      As far as Hillary, Soros, etc. go…bring me a bucket of pain, and we will talk! 😊🌹💕


      1. Not worship, after comparing and studying, he’s the only one that makes ANY sense. Plus Cobra’s done conferences, unlike a lot of those other guys. And considering his wife was murdered, and that he never asked for money, tells me he is legit. Plus he talks of Galactic Codex, which makes FAR more sense than a ‘prime directive’ that GOITS like Wilcock and that bimbo from cosmic agency have hard ons for.


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