Globalist Agenda By the UN and WEF Busted Wide Open ~ May 8, 2023


The globalist plan for the world is only now becoming clear to many Americans. Waking up to the threat from organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) and United Nations (UN) is extremely important.

In particular, the launch of the Great Reset plan during the pandemic together with the UN’s 2030 “Sustainable Development Goals” are two things that every patriot needs to keep their eyes on.

What’s the Plan?

The globalist plan for America and for the world is to control everyone and create a class of permanent peasants who own nothing.

The WEF, headed up by Klaus Schwab, has plans to make everything in the world digitally run and rented, even your residence.

This aligns completely with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are all about creating a brave new world of digital slaves under the excuse of helping the environment.

The plan is fairly clear by now:

  • Everyone except for a tiny elite living in smart cities in rented units run by AI.
  • Digital currency under full control of a central state
  • Artificial meat and soy products, as well as bugs for food
  • Zero privacy or private ownership for the peasant class
  • Tracking everything people do, say, search, and think via advanced technology.

“Millions are noticing there is a big problem, and the globalist left is not happy. In fact, they are in panic mode.”

Excerpt from my new book “The Globalist Plan To Destroy America (And How To Stop It).” #WEF #WEFpuppets #Inflation #WWIII

— Paul Brian (@paulrbrian) October 7, 2022

A Digital Slave Colony

The outer aspects of the brave new world planned by the globalists are clear.

On a deeper level, the plan is to also force DNA-changing vaccines on the population, create transhumans, replace natural reproduction, and limit and control birthrates.

The elite around the world more or less share in some version of this vision, including King Charles, sworn in on May 6 as head of the UK and the Commonwealth.

Charles wants to make everything “green” and push through exactly the kind of WEF and UN garbage that is leading us to the end of freedom.

The World Economic Forum has issued an urgent summons to world leaders to develop strategies to expedite its “Great Reset” globalist agenda.

The mysterious, corporate-led group of powerful world influencers will meet later this year to “accelerate the implementation” of the…

— Matt Wallace (@MattWallace888) May 3, 2023

The Bottom Line

The globalists want to play God, but in reality, they are working to bring about a hellish version of life on earth. It’s key to keep spreading awareness and working to counteract their Satanic plan.


2 thoughts on “Globalist Agenda By the UN and WEF Busted Wide Open ~ May 8, 2023

  1. That’s what they WANT. Will they GET IT?Q says no, Sheepdog says no, I say no, something like countless millions who were the silent majority say no. What do you think?


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