Early AM Movie Reels For May 8, 2023





Timberrrr! 🌹




Let’s look at these revelations:

👉🏻The UN nuclear chief warned of dangerous conditions around Europe’s largest nuclear power plant as Russia’s evacuation of civilians

👉🏻 has been on the front line since Russian forces seized it last year.

So throughout 2021… “Biden Admin” and actresses aka central casting posing as “Press Secretary” spewed (47 U.S. Code 606, COG & Occupancy)…

“There are NO Biological Laboratories in Ukraine.”

EVEN after Under Secretary, Victoria Nuland, former Obama Admin staff who secured $1 Billion in defense for Ukraine, sworn in under Oath on March 8, 2022, Congressional Floor, admitted there were indeed Biological Labs in Ukraine… the “Biden Admin” and even the likes of Mitt Romney said there weren’t 🤦🏽🤣

Those 4 Executive Orders via Obama with the 7 trips in 7 months in 2014 by Vice President Biden don’t lie 💯☠️

That 2018 Soccer Ball being passed to CIC Trump after Ukraine broke the CIS Treaty with Russia that same year… then Russia “invading” Ukraine in 2022… the same year they didn’t participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup… yeahhh, no coincidence ☠️⚽️

Russia has the courtesy to evacuate civilians? 🤭

Are you enjoying the movie? 🍿🇺🇸



Wow!!! An exchange student from Finland explains his experience in America. American schools should mirror Finland.







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