A Little Bit of Today – May 8, 2023


Everything we are seeing in the corporate realm is about ‘consolidation of assets’. Big banks take little banks 👉🏽 consolidation. Bankruptcies & buy outs by larger holdings companies like Blackrock, Vanguard, etc 👉🏽 consolidation. Billy G buying up all the farm land 👉🏽 consolidation. Everything is being consolidated worldwide.

More bank failures to come with U.S. system under stress


Connect dots with Trump’s EO’s. Consolidated assets into massive holding companies is the easiest way to tokenize all seized properties — to move into the new QFS.

How $544 Trillion Worth of Assets Could Become Tokenized – The Tokenist

Under President Trump’s EO 13848 & EO 13818 — DS assets were seized, but appears as if nothing happened




Speaking of defaults… 🚨👀🚨

Basel IV Rules Are Coming And Will Make Bank Lives Even More Difficult


What is Basel 3 & Basel 4? Basel 5 is coming




Big Default Energy is everywhere in the defunct US corporation. 💀

California Defaults On $18.6 Billion In Debt, Saddling Employers With The Expense




Consider the implications! 🌹

Independent researchers creating electro-magnetic motor, based on Nikola Tesla’s patented design.

This is the real, clean, free energy that elites should be developing, instead throwing billions around to wage wars on humanity.

Join us: t.me/cruelhistory


➡️ Love it or hate it, but “The Movie” never fails to fascinate‼️ This is why God created popcorn. Enjoy the show! 🍿




Oops…? ❤️


The troops that Biden is sending to the border are not there to defend it but to speed the processing of the migrants into the country.



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