Sunday News For You! – May 7, 2023


The CONvid Aftermath Flood. 🙏🏽💜🔥



Japanese professor Murakami of Tokyo University of Science discovers that Pfizer’s jab contains the SV40 sequence which is known as a promoter of the cancer virus! 🚨👀🚨

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is confronted about jab deaths and injuries — “Do you have a comment about the 83,000 Danes who died from the so-called Covid vaccines? Any comments about the 150,000 who are injured? How do you sleep at night?”

The TRUTH cannot be suppressed!



XRP popped off in Vegas this weekend & Don Jr has Bitboy talking about XRP on his podcast! 💥👀💥

Ripple is Going to Win Big as Judge Torres Ruled Against SEC

TODAY: Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse “We’re Gonna Win This Thing”

Bitboy Crypto’s Ben Armstrong Takes You Inside the Collapse of FTX | TRIGGERED Ep. 30

New Ripple Publication Confirms XRP ODL Payments Are Live In India



We are so early! I have been sharing about XRP since 2020, after discovering even earlier in that. I actually bought XRP/ripple back in 2016 with no clue what I held 😂

Since learning and uncovering everything I have chosen to share this info and research with you all and you guys choose what to do.

I’m in now way affiliated with anyone or anything except myself. No one offers me money to post anything and if they did I would dig and dig before sharing if anything. I have my own businesses that generate my cash flow so I post freely on socials anything to help you guys! I care!

This chart above zooms out and really shows your a Birds Eye view of world population, crypto knowing, holding, then XRP knowing and holding

Your early! Many will look back at these years and say “I wish i____” better to be proactive than reactive!

Not financial advice, don’t do anything if you don’t feel comfortable. Learn before you do something so you feel confident .

Best is yet to come!


Wait! I thought we sent it all to zelensky?! 🌹

Meanwhile the old financial system continues to implode — layer by layer. 💀

Fed Reveals 722 Banks Reported Unrealized Losses Over 50% of Capital as Concerns Over US Banking Crisis Grow

“It’s Spooky”: Stanford Professor Warns Thousands Of US Banks Are “Potentially Insolvent”

The signs of de-dollarization are everywhere

NYC pension funds lose $30M in SVB collapse, data shows

First Republic Bank executives’ trading probed by SEC investigators

This CRASH is for the Banks & it will be GLORIOUS — except for those who still allowing criminal institutions hold their valuable assets!

All central banks around the world are bankrupted now



Would of been a lot cooler if ya didn’t!

Would of been a lot cooler if yall left Orange Man in the White House. 😜

Ok in all seriousness, we have to Cross the Rubicon. There’s no turning back. We’ve been in uncharted waters, but many of us were given a script of events. Boiling Point is reached. You are prepared though. You know your role. Earth & Humanity will never be the same after this. The Event is upon us. Godspeed. 🙏🏽💜🔥

US prepares express weapon delivery for Taiwan – Bloomberg

Biden Moves Ahead With $500 Million In Weapons Aid For Taiwan



RFK Jr Activated! 🚨👀🚨

I see many truthers picking & pulling old stuff from the past & while it’s good to know a figure’s history — lets keep in mind on what truly matters.

The PRESENT MOMENT — then connect to what the figure is doing at the present moment. Is it helping the overall cause or hurting it? That’s the only relevant question.

So lets reserve judgment of a human’s whole lifetime to ONE Source & that’s NOT yours or mine job to do.

Who is that on Mount Rushmore? 🐸❤️🤍💙

RFK Jr. Says “CIA Definitely Involved In The Murder” of His Uncle President John F. Kennedy

National Archives releases over 13,000 JFK assassination files



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