GESARA Show: King Charles III – The Controversial King ~ May 6, 2023


While millions of people celebrate the crowning of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, many others know about Charles’s real history and are concerned that he is to be crowned King.

We look at his questionable past and links to Deep State organisations like the WEF, etc.

If Charles is not your King, don’t miss our Coronation Special where we report what the media is hiding and you can get to have your say in our LIVE Talk Show.

Note: We use Zoom and the LIVE Show is limited to 500 participants.

May 6, 2023
05:00 UTC-10, HST, Honolulu
07:00 UTC-08, AKDT, Anchorage
08:00 UTC-07, PDT, Pacific Time, Los Angeles
08:00 UTC-07, MST, Mountain Time, Phoenix
09:00 UTC-06, MDT, Mountain Time, Denver
10:00 UTC-05, CDT, Central Time, Chicago
11:00 UTC-04, EDT, Eastern Time, New York
16:00 UTC+01, BST, London
17:00 UTC+02, CEST, Amsterdam, Cologne, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
18:00 UTC+03, EEST, Athens, Cairo, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Kiev
18:00 UTC+03, MSK, Baghdad, Bahrain, Kuwait, Minsk, Moscow, Qatar
20:30 UTC+05:30, IST, India, Islamabad, Karachi
23:00 UTC+08, AWST, Perth, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing

May 7, 2023
00:00 UTC+09, JST, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul
01:00 UTC+10, AEST, Brisbane
01:00 UTC+10, AEST, Melbourne, Sydney
03:00 UTC+12, NZST, Auckland, Wellington


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