Early AM – May 6, 2023




  1. Westminster Abbey’s doors are open, and we’re starting to see dignitaries and celebrities arriving for the Coronation of King Charles III
  2. Lavish displays of royal pageantry are expected, with processions planned either side of the service
  3. On The Mall, thousands of people are enjoying a party atmosphere, cheering and singing as they wait to see the royal processions
  4. The ceremony itself will be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury at 11:00 BST (10:00 GMT)
  5. Anti-monarchy protests spearheaded by Republic are taking place – the chief executive of the group is among half a dozen people arrested near Trafalgar Square
  6. You can watch the BBC’s coverage by clicking the play button at the top of this page

Does the UK need a monarch?

A recent YouGov poll for the BBC’s Panorama found 58% of people supported the monarchy, with 26% backing an elected head of state. Across the UK, there are many differing views on whether we need still need a monarchy. 

With that in mind, last month the BBC held a panel discussion, taking in differing views of the role of the monarchy in modern Britain. Here is flavour of what some of the panellists had to say: 

  • Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee thinks the monarchy should go, and describes it as a symbol of inherited wealth in a society that is becoming less equal
  • Singer and activist Billy Bragg thinks we should keep the monarchy, but wants to end its constitutional role. He is hoping to see a written constitution one day, with the people made sovereign. He also says Buckingham Palace should become a museum
  • Prof Jason Arday questions how connected people still feel to the monarchy, and notes the changing attitudes of young people. He says there is an opportunity to redistribute the wealth of the monarchy, especially in the context of today’s cost-of-living crisis
  • Newspaper columnist Charles Moore disagrees, suggesting the benefit of redistributing money from the monarchy would be trivial in the context of public spending. He says the monarchy is a guarantee of legitimacy, and suggests the UK wouldn’t be united if it was not a kingdom
  • Times columnist Juliet Samuel says the monarchy does change, but slowly over time. She believes the rituals and dramas of the monarchy contribute to a sense of a collective identity




(@J00ny369T) ⚡️


This blows my mind!! MK Ultra!!




6 + 5 2023=7







53=35 JFK




“Big day today” 113

This is it 113

Trumpet 113

Secret plan 113

Operation 113

One one three 124

Shutdown 124

Ultimate end 124

Coming soon 124

Lighthouse 124

Fireworks 124

One one three 124 (11.3 law of war manual)

Sonic booms 124

Eye for an eye 124

142 <> 124

Decode stay home 142

New beginnings 142

One fifty nine 142

A week to remember 159

It’s gonna happen 159

Knight of Camelot 159

Protected by God 159

Twenty six 159

One seven four 159

Trust the plan 174

One hundred thirteen 207

207 -> 27 -> JFK

Great day to buckle up 207

The storm is coming 207

Rapture of truth 207

Flipping the script 207

113 -> 23 -> pain

11.3 law of war manual


Tomorrow king dies?

Actually he is no longer with us, but it is necessary and obligatory to let the show be live, prepare popcorn and lots of it 🍿🍿🍿



FLORIDA — In case you missed it, yesterday, Democrats danced with Republicans after a legislative session occurred that banned abortions, slammed trans people, destroyed immigrants rights, and cut back protections for union members and tenants.



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