10 Informative New Pieces from The Best Is Yet To Come ~ May 6, 2023


10 Informative New Pieces From The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come is an educational bridge from old paradigm to new. We feature selected pieces of immediate relevance chronicling humanity’s movement forward. We are not a news site but a chronicler of humanity’s evolution of consciousness, featuring articles and presentations that show the positive trend in our development. Whether you are a newbie trying to make sense of what’s going on or you are well-studied in truth history, looking for new material and deeper thoughts, The Best Is Yet To Come will have something for you. 

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Blasts Fox News for Ousting Tucker Carlson and Presents an Interesting Theory on Why it Happened

4/24/23 – “Tucker spent part of his April 19 monologue calling out the corporate media shilling for Big Pharma and promoting their products. Tucker then went on to praise RFK. Jr. for being completely right about how ‘ineffective and potentially dangerous’ the COVID vaccines are.

“RFK. Jr. says this speech five days earlier is exactly why Tucker is gone.

“Carlson’s breathtakingly courageous April 19 monologue broke TV’s two biggest rules: Tucker told the truth about how greedy Pharma advertisers controlled TV news content and he lambasted obsequious newscasters for promoting jabs they knew to be lethal and worthless.”

South Dakota now home to lowest unemployment rate in American history

4/25/23 – “South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem sounds off on ‘Hannity’ as her state economy soars despite Biden policies.

“’Today I announced a historic investment in an apprenticeship program. We will train teachers in the classroom to be teachers, train plumbers on the job, electricians, barbers, cosmetologists – whatever requires a license, you can earn a wage while you get that license…We are being innovative, and it’s because we have given our people the freedom to make decisions for themselves…’”

‘I’m Not a Woman’: Trans Marathon Runner to Return Medal After Beating Thousands in Female Category

4/26/23 – “A trans runner who beat over 14,000 women while competing in the female category of the London Marathon has admitted he is ‘not a woman’ and offered to return the medal he received for his performance.

“’I get it … I’m not a woman, I don’t have a womb. But I didn’t compete as an elite, so I didn’t steal any money.’

“Frank does intend to compete in next year’s London Marathon. Though, he says he will not check ‘female’ on his entry form. Instead, he says he will check ‘male’ or ‘other.’”

Chemical Farming & The Loss of Human Health – Dr. Zach Bush and After Skool

Zach Bush, MD is a triple board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is the founder of Seraphic Group, an organization devoted to developing root-cause solutions for human and ecological health in the sectors of big farming, big pharma, and Western Medicine at large.

This very well-presented and detailed scientific presentation exposes the deleterious human and environmental impacts of chemical farming and pesticide reliance — while simultaneously offering a path forward through regenerative agricultural practices.

Zimbabwe Needs $100 Million In Gold To Support Ambitious Digital Currency Plan

4/28/23 – “The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s plan involves setting up a gold-backed digital currency gold-backed digital currency that can serve as legal tender and help stabilize its local currency in the wake of ongoing depreciation against the U.S. dollar.

“John Mangudya, the governor of Zimbabwe’s central bank, told the Sunday Mail that the demand for foreign currency in his country is driven by the view that it is a good store of value.

“’We are addressing this demand for store of value by increasing the number of gold coins in the market so that we manage that demand,’ he added.

“’We shall also soon be introducing digital gold tokens to ensure that those with low amounts of local currency are able to purchase the gold units so that we leave no one and no place behind.’”

4/29/23 – “The Texas state senatepassed legislation this week banning the purchase of farmland by citizens and entities linked to hostile foreign nations, a move which the author of the bill says will provide ‘sweeping state and national security protections.’

“‘This bill protects Texas farmland, oil and gas, rare earth materials and timber from being owned by foreign entities classified as hostile by the Director of U.S. National Intelligence for three consecutive reports. These nations currently include China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran,’ wrote Sen. Lois Kolkhorst (R) following the passage of her legislation by a vote of 19-12 in the state Senate on April 26.”

Kansas Becomes 1st State To Pass Law Defining Gender As A Person’s Sex At Birth

5/1/23 – “Kansas has become the first state to adopt a definition of gender with the passage of legislation that keeps men, no matter what gender they identify as, out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate spaces.

“It also separates inmates and restricts participation in sports according to one’s sex at birth.

“It also defines gender words calling for ‘woman’ and ‘girl’ to be used to refer to human females and ‘man’ and ‘boy’ to refer to human males. It defines ‘mother’ as a parent of the female sex and ‘father’ as a parent of the male sex.”

Florida Passes Bill to Ban use of CBDC as Money in the State: Bill Now Goes To Governor To Sign

5/2/23 – “Today’s announcement will protect Florida consumers and businesses from the reckless adoption of a ‘centralized digital dollar’ which will stifle innovation and promote government-sanctioned surveillance. Florida will not side with economic central planners; we will not adopt policies that threaten personal economic freedom and security,” DeSantis said in an official statement.”

RFK Jr. Promises to Pardon Snowden and Assange If Elected

5/2/23 – “Kennedy tweeted ‘Instead of championing free speech, the U.S. actively persecutes journalists and whistleblowers. I’ll pardon brave truth-tellers like Julian Assange and investigate the corruption and crimes they exposed.’

“After stating he plans to pardon Assange if elected, he fired off a secondary tweet promising to also pardon other persecuted journalist and whistleblower’s such as ‘John Kiriakou, Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner, Daniel Hale, Thomas Drake, Jeffrey Sterling, and Edward Snowden.’”

Two Massachusetts Towns Call a Halt to 5G Towers Until FCC Complies With Court Order to Review Science

5/5/223 – “The residents of two Massachusetts towns on Monday voted to put a hold on 5G cell tower projects until the Federal Communications Commission completes a court-ordered review of the latest science related to the effect of radiofrequency radiation emissions on human health and the environment.

“The District of Columbia Circuit in a 2019 ruling told the FCC it had to follow National Environmental Policy Act guidelines by conducting an environmental impact review for 5G small cell infrastructure projects.

“The same court ruled in 2021 that the FCC had not adequately reviewed the scientific evidence regarding the safety of RF radiation and 5G for humans and the environment — and that it must do so.

“By failing to comply with the two court orders, the FCC has failed to adequately show that 5G radiation is safe for the environment or humans, according to Cecelia Doucette, a technology safety educator and the director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology.”

Parisse Deza is new age Renaissance man and visionary with 50 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

He is the co-creator and curator of The Best Is Yet To Come educational website for the new paradigm.

Go here for all his articles: https://www.bestisyet.net/resources


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