The Real Reason Why Fox Fired Tucker Carlson ~ May 5, 2023



7 thoughts on “The Real Reason Why Fox Fired Tucker Carlson ~ May 5, 2023

  1. Carlson et al: Speed up the reel. I think it is all a White Hat Plan. How else
    can it be? Golden Age is a total flip: who cares about TV viewer ratings ?
    BTW, the earth as I know it is a flat plane with a dome around it and….
    many continents beyond it. within beyond the veil, through your
    own inner portals. They are all there: “I think….therefore, I AM.” Can’t recall
    who said that, but the shoe fits. What are your thoughts?


      1. Kayleigh McEnany Announces Role in Post-Carlson Primetime Slot
        AHHHHH. Here comes Kayleigh ! JFK Jr’s offspring. Beginning to see
        more clearly now. Bye Tucker. You done your part (acting) well. Thanks!
        Bye to FOX controllers, too.


  2. Always so. Nature’s flow. Still do not buy the
    Tucker narratives including his own. Scripted ? Perhaps so..showing us how it is all being played out by White Hats …All good for humanity’s
    sake and for some who cannot think for themselves.


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