Something strange is going on with his local weather in Missouri that was confirmed by a TV meteorologist — Gravity waves? Undulating storms? ~ May 5, 2023


Editor’s Note: Today is a 5/5/5 portal day…

5/05/2023 — Something strange is going on with the Weather — Gravity waves? Undulating storms?

IDK what to tell you. NBC local meteorologist here in St. Louis Missouri confirmed on morning news this morning (May 5, 2023) that this is not a glitch or RADAR translation issue. That the storms really moved this way overnight from May 4th into sunrise on May 5th.

The ‘undulation’ of all the storms in North America ceases around Sunrise East Coast time (530am ET) Multiple views in the video come from:

Since it is not a glitch (per the meteorologist on television), and it is not happening on other continents, I’m vexxed about all of this.

I have no prior examples of this to go on, and have never seen anything like this before.


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