Mr.Ed: Cryptocurrency will Crash on May 10, Get out Now While you Can ~ May 5, 2023


‘Crypto Currency Will Crash’ on May 10 – ‘Get Out Now’ While You Can

I do not trust any crypto period. I hear they already took out Bitcoin and now these wallets are to follow.

As far as I know…the US Dollar is dead and it is to be replaced by USTN (Gold backed – United States Treasury Note)…not some crypto from who knows where? (Bitcoin was China based)

IMO if you want to invest in something…buy silver. It is set to jump over the moon. You can hold silver in your hands. Not so with Crypto. It could be there today…and gone 2moro.

JFK Jr. told us to get into silver. He says it will go to $5K – $20K soon. There is a high demand for silver for industry in the future…so they will pay to get it.

Trump says every American should hold 1000 oz of silver. (that’s a hot tip from a rich man) 🙂

I am not going to show you how to put your money in the Q Wallet. You can figure that out for yourself. If your smart enough to get into Crypto…then your smart enough to find the Q Wallet and use it if you want to.

If I were in Crypto now…I would get out and get into silver.

But until the time comes…and crypto is announced to the public as a legal legit currency…in my book it is counterfeit. (and that’s a felony) 🙁

We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

This meme is telling if you read between the lines.

In 1 week from today is May 10th. So on or around that date expect to hear the new USTN announced to the public. (RV/GCR)

This comes from JFK Jr. (you know…the dead man) lol 🙂

JFK Jr. = ‘Q’

Q is running ‘The Movie’.

Oh…BTW…you will never find the USTN in any (non-compliant) bank.

Banks belong to the cabal. The cabal owns the US Dollar & the Euro.

The USTN will go in the New QFS. (Quantum Financial System)

Any bank that is not QFS / Basil 3 & 4 compliant…will be forced to close for business forever.

The SWIFT system is dead. This was the tool the cabal used forever to steal money from anybody using the International Electronic Transfer System to move funds.

Nobody can steal / cheat / fool the QFS.
The QFS is space based on the new Starlink Satellite System.
All cell phones will soon be dead like the dollar and free new QPhones will be given out to everybody.

You will be able to access your QFS via the QPhone. So banks will get phased out over time.

Your money will be safe in the new QFS. Only you can access the account. Your DNA is the password. QFS is sentient and can read your frequency. So it knows if your one of us…or one of them.

The new money is not for the cabal. They can go play with their useless dead dollars.

You have been warned.


2 thoughts on “Mr.Ed: Cryptocurrency will Crash on May 10, Get out Now While you Can ~ May 5, 2023

  1. I never trusted crypto but I get why people got into it. The crazy side effect of that is video cards went up crazy and still up there because that’s how they mine it…how the hell does that work? It’s like pulling out of thin air, there is nothing there and they are mining it. LOL. boggles the mind.
    Just get silver in your hands…wished I could afford to do that. And the satellite system…are they talking about the one Musk put up?
    This whole financial crap has my head spinning…not that I give a rats arse about crypto, but I hope this system goes off without a hitch, How many got Biden bucks? LOL, don’t wish to go all digital either, either way, numbers in a computer and they can make it go poof anyway.
    What of direct deposits, that uses the EFT swift system.
    This is gonna get ugly…especially for crypto. I knew something was up when the gooberment didn’t stop it back then, but they’re gonna stop it now? I guess it’s about time to buckle our seatbelts if this May 10th thing is real.


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