The Michelle Moore Show — Juan O’Savin on Rooting out Criminality in the Justice System, GITMO Tribunals, Sovereignty Rights, NESARA/GESARA, and More! ~ May 4, 2023


Juan joins Michelle to discuss the latest on the justice system new House Committee actions, Gitmo military tribunals, your sovereignty, and how to hedge against the serious drama coming to the currency market on The Michelle Moore Show!

Juan: Opening of New House Committee “Just so you know, some of you are going to prison!”

Intelligence Agency operatives look for the vulnerable, using payoffs and sex to control them.

Example: Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. He never created FB, it was a DARPA operation called Lifelog before it was changed to Facebook.

A senior IRS official has all sorts of info on the Biden family money laundering and will testify before the house.

Over 900 Billion dollars hidden in LLC’s in New Hampshire, being laundered, tied to Biden, and other criminal politicians and players in the Obama administration.

The deep state wants social disruption by social engineering. Use of technical ‘nukes’ has been authorized.

Investigations move forward with a NEW House Committee, as of Jan, 2023, and will end in justice, either through the justice courts or the military.

4 Billionaires tied to the FTX scandal died within 3 weeks of each other! Did they die, or are they being held to testify against the corruption? We will find out.

Serious drama is coming to the currency market, may be painful. Hedging against it through silver and gold.

It takes longer to get to the root of the corruption and cut it out, rather than to just cut the top off and move on. Otherwise, we will be in this same place again.

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