Oops! Missed This One – May 6, 2023



White House warns of economic fallout if US defaults

Regional Bank Stocks Are Crashing After Hours – PacWest Down 56%%, Western Alliance Down 30%, Metropolitan Down 20%

Stocks sink; Treasury yields, dollar fall; Fed, debt ceiling in focus


BRICS Nations: Syria Urges Abandonment of US Dollar for Global Transactions in Favor of Chinese Yuan



🧠Some images to sit with…these are REAL BRAIN SCAN IMAGES inside of us all…did you know brain scans and the study of the brain and slicing of the brain was prohibited at one point?

Only “neurosurgeons” had access to such important information…

📚The ancients studied the brain and the elites (Vatican church, Illuminati et) stole this knowledge from them when they went to conquer all the holy lands…

They then twisted it, into a catholic religion that controls much of humanities religious beliefs.

❤️I’m no fan of religious dogma, AND I respect those who have an intimidate relationship with Jesus Christ , an experience only each of us can truly feel within ourselves.

Unconditional love is what I choose to live by!



The CROWN chakra is the energetic centre between yourself and Source. It is the I AM

CROWN from Latin: CORONA

Have we seen evidence that Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be desire to ‘switch’ that connection off?

The spiritual Gene?

What was the real objective of this operation over the past few years?

They know what is happening among us. It is what they most dread. It spells GAME OVER for them.


Listen more often to your innerSELF & you will get in the habit of listening to nothing else

Trust You! Trust your intuitions, instincts & premonitions.

Keep your Vibration / Frequency / Energy > HIGH, POSITIVE, JOYFUL, GRATEFUL > know that the field will Reflect & Amplify > CREATING your LIFE EXPERIENCE {Reality}.



Speaking of Orange — can we find ONE person that hates Trump that is NOT related to anything pedophile?? Just one. 🍊😜🍊

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman visits Epstein Island after it is know he was a pedophile — funds the lawsuit filed by E. Jean Carroll accusing President Trump of rape, who said “rape is sexy” on tv. Feels like heavy ‘self-projection’ energy. I never liked LinkedIn. I actually just checked my account. Saw tons of messages & closed the window asap! 😜😁

LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, planned to visit NYC mansion





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