Bank Crisis Now Bigger Than 2008 ~ May 4, 2023


Editor’s Note: IF your money has been made by legitimate means, it is safe NOW (No Other Way) in the bank, the 401k, the savings account! All noble accounts have been mirrored by the Quantum Financial System and will remain in in this “safe harbor” as all else crashes in our society.

Will you bank fail? ABSOLUTELY! Will your funds be safe? ABSOLUTELY! Appearances are, and have been, deceiving…yet humanity on Earth is about to experience wonderful moments after ALL “old systems” have crashed, allowing us all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Bank crisis now bigger than 2008— Peter St Onge, Ph.D. (@profstonge) May 4, 2023— H.E. MIC (@MIC_btc) May 4, 2023

130 regional bank stocks are down more than 5% today

Exactly 0 of the 349 regional banks are green today

Yikes.— Genevieve Roch-Decter, CFA (@GRDecter) May 4, 2023

My comment:
In 2008 the banking system along with corporations around the world were bailed out and given money to keep the system working. It worked. Exactly how much was spent to rescue the system was never released to the public.
Since that time banking rules were changed somewhat, but time will tell if the Fed will follow those rules or revert back to a wholesale bailout again. We have received mixed signals from the Fed and the Whitehouse on this issue. It is obvious that the Fed decided to bail out the collapsing banks and even cover the large amounts in the banks so it would stem the contagion. Since that time, more banks are going under, and this will also require more bailouts. This will require more printing of money, which will cause inflation.
The recent rise in money lending interest rates by .25% is supposed to stem the tide of inflation. Which it may in the short term, but at the same time, it reduces the economy to even lower numbers. Construction projects will be scraped and home prices will plummet.
The financial system is being stretched in several different directions, and this creates chaos in the markets. The only rosy picture is the military industrial complex that is geared up to a high pace of manufacturing defense weapons for war. This is what has kept the stock market at higher levels as Congress and the Biden regime are promoting the Ukraine war, among others. That is a sad commentary on our world situation.
It is anyone’s guess what will happen next. But one thing is certain, the financial system is addicted to bail outs and promoting war for profits. The government can no longer pay the $trillions that we are in debt, but they can’t stop printing money ether, or everything comes tumbling down like a house of cards.
Also, the promotion of war to prop up he financial system and the economy has its downside.

Eventually these countries the US and Europe are declaring war against will strike back with nuclear weapons. This is a dangerous game the globalists are playing, and billions of lives are at stake.
It also brings wars to our soil. This is a criminal act against our nation, and this must be recognized as a clear and present danger to America and the world. Unfortunately, there are no more Tucker Carlsons to speak the truth on the mainstream media, the wealthy elite made sure of that fact. Every time the evening news comes on it is “the lying time for the masses”. George Eaton


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