Q The Storm Rider: Ukraine War Update – May 3, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to EA for this post !

MSM is pushing any small story they can find on Ukraine winning the WAR.

Recently, Ukraine bombed one Russian oil depot in Crimea, and the mainstream Media sent news cycles across the world showing Ukraine is winning the war and starting a strong offensive.//// >

The REAL Truth is it was just one oil tank and there were over 27 oil tanks at the oil depot. The drone attack Did not stop the oil operations or shut down the plant, and everything continued as normal within a few hours.

There are over 3,000 oil tanks in Eastern Ukraine and South West Russia alone, and the destruction of one oil tank is just a distraction, and used for MSM Newscycle, and DEEP STATE using the Narration to keep investors hoping U.S. oil companies will get their hands on the Ukrainian rich oil production, and hope the Russians lose the war.

> The Real NEWS is RUSSIA has launched three massive missile strikes and over the days and the sea of missiles have destroyed NATO command targets and air defense weapons.

> Nine Ukrainian brigade headquarters were destroyed in the predawn Russian attacks with over 1,200 soldiers and commanders dead in the missile strikes;

> and the MASSIVE death toll of the Ukrainian soldiers is 7 deaths to every 1 Russian soldiers ( that’s 70,000 dead Ukraine soldier for every 10,000 Russians killed).

>The Ukrainian ( NATO/CIA) large scale offensive that was to take place last year backing October, was pushed to December, then was recently pushed to March, and now reports are the Ukrainian MASSIVE offensive is Dead.

The recent destruction of the NATO base near Kiev was a devastating blow with commanders from Poland, U.S., UK, and over 300 top Commanders inside Ukraine and Allied NATO forces.

As the Ukrainian Frozen grounds thaw quickly, the Russians have already begun the first stages of the Massive Spring attack…..

And the U.S. General Lloyd Austin who gave FALSE reports that Ukraine was winning the war in August last year and this Year, is now walking back reports.

Ukraine had several demonstrations over the weekend AGAINST Zelensky and mothers banned together who lost their sons to the war, and want Zelensky removed from power.

>Videos have emerged of Ukraine soldiers going to schools and getting teens at gun point to join the army and take them directly from the schools into combat.

>At this point and all points, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA uses footage or small story of Ukraine winning an offensive or a small ATTACK, and glamorize the event and plaster news cycles with the story as Halliburton, Exxon, and BLACKROCK are fighting for the contracts (but already told their investors they have the contracts to rebuild Ukraine and get the oil) to take control of oil >>>>>

>> Just like many wars where [DS] U.S. oil companies take control of the oil production after creating WARS there. //// (Editor’s note: Illegal war, illegal resource grab).

BEHIND THE SCENES: FRANCE, GERMANY, HUNGARY, ITALY, TURKEY, and PORTUGAL have aligned themselves with Russia and China (this had been happening the past year and half), and now the Richest billionaires in these countries are invested in Russian oil companies and productions ……

THEY are betting their life money on RUSSIA> CHINA rebuilding UKRAINE and taking over the oil, Gas, and minerals industry, and trillions in the projects and contracts to rebuild Ukraine.

Why has Zelensky been talking with China?

What does TRUMP know in the BACK CHANNELS?

How do you break apart and EXPOSE NATO as a CIA OPERATION?

Why did PUTIN say over 95% of world terrorist attacks created by CIA?

Why is TRUMP going after the CIA?

What’s in the laptop from hell?

How is EPSTEIN connected to BLACKROCK,> to [ NATO]

WHAT IF? They were BOTH placed actors by the White Hats >MILITARY Ops.

~ ~ ~

Editor’s Note: The article above has been edited, mostly spaced out to make it easier to read… and some of the spelling corrected. If you wish to read the original, go to Telegram or TruthSocial.

What we are learning every day now it seems, is that our governments are run by sociopaths who lie at every opportunity. To realize this one fact, to truly integrate it and then watch the news with that knowledge, you begin to discern the manipulation behind the propaganda and repetitious nature of the so-called news, which isn’t news at all — only what the government and the forces behind the scenes wish as its accepted narrative — even if they have to shove it down our collective throats…




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