WWIII Explained: Cultural Decay – 5th Generation Warfare & The Supervillain Scholars (DOCUMENTARY) ~ May 2, 2023


Were you aware that the push for the New World Order was underway before our great nation became a nation?

Were you aware that while our nation was fighting WWII, we were being infiltrated by Communists and Cultural Marxists?

Were you aware that there was a well-documented and orchestrated plan for benevolent genocide and slavery to maintain the “sovereignty” of the elite? (Their words, not mine)

Cultural decay has been the objective of their Fifth Generation Warfare tactics since the 50s and the mountain of evidence to support this claim will blow your mind.

In this documentary, you will be taken on a journey through the untold history and psychological theory that has been deliberately hidden from the people.

Surprisingly, most of what you will learn is on Wikipedia for all to see. You were just never expected to connect the dots and do research beyond what the propped-up authorities of our world told you to think.

In this documentary, I’ll walk you through how they did it.

Specifically, I will share how they were able to socially engineer our behaviors and social norms to reinforce Cultural Marxist ideals while slandering and silencing anyone who resists as a Fascist.

None of what is happening is happenstance, rather it’s a well-designed, well-funded and strategically orchestrated plan to usher in the New World Order.

And 2020 was the year when the rulers of our world shifted from planning to execution.

It all comes down to money, specifically the money changers.

You might be wondering, what does cultural decay have to do with money?

Well, everything.

It’s the investment bankers and wealthy elite that created and funded Hollywood and the media.

They essentially own our universities, our government, and the vast majority of corporations worldwide.

They may not own them outright, not directly because that would be too obvious. Rather they own them as board members, investors & shareholders, etc.

You get the picture.

The money changers control everything we consume, not just what we consume food wise, but also the data we consume with our minds.

They are the ones that drive how we are to be socially engineered to their will.

Fair warning, I go deep in this documentary, but I believe this is information every living being needs to understand.

Your history has been hidden from you deliberately.

I am proving the case to you in how they did it so you can train your mind to recognize the patterns of their behavior and so you can become impervious to the deception of this world.

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VIDEO SOURCE: https://rumble.com/v2k8a48-wwiii-explained-cultural-decay-5th-generation-warfare-and-the-supervillain-.html


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