Whistleblower General Flynn exposed the Gulen Terrorist Network ~ April 1, 2023


Fatulleh Gulan
  • Flynn discovered that the Obama administration was creating funding and arming of Jihadist who later waved the flag of ISIS
  • These Jihadist actions were taking place in Gaza.
  • Obama with the help of CIA, NATO and his Jihadist cronies, were seeking to top Assad in Syria.
  • These treasonous administrations created funding of ISIS a.o.
  • The US/Jihadist morphed into the Arab Spring, destabilized the Middle East and created the orchestrated migration crises.
  • Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab Spring as Secretary of State under the Obama administration.
  • Flynn blew the whistle on the involvement in the Golan terrorist Network of the Obama administration and by default of HW Bush, G Bush, Clinton, the State Department, FBI, CIA and the DOG.
  • Now circle back to Israel today
  • DO NOT BE FOOLED: Those buildings fully Collapsing in Gaza Strip being hit from one missile are CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS.
  • Deep State operators inside both Israel and Palestine camps have been INFILTRATED long ago (Mossad/CIA).
  • Israeli handlers are in fact Mossad, UK, M16, Rothschilds, CIA.
  • Connections from the Snake pit of corruption by Israeli Elites run deep into United States MSM [CIA] control).

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