The Sun of All Fears – April 1, 2023


In the movie, The Deep State lower level Powers, are given the green light and bring U S. & Russian into a near Death civilization EVENT ( FULL NUCLEAR WAR) … Because the DEEP STATE is trying to over throw Russia and need to cause chaos, a FALSE FLAG_EVENT and bring U.S. And Russian into Cuban missile crisis situation….

But back channels between Russia and U.S. white HATS save the world and stop The nuclear war.

There is much to learn in this movie… And unfortunately bad things happen before the peace is regained<

There is a huge reason Q shared this information.

There is a huge reason I let everyone know in January 2012 we were headed into NUCLEAR EVENTS_


Now the DEEP STATE is getting



in the beginning of the movie Russian is blamed for an ATTACK on another country (which they did not do)

But from Russian Military stand point they do not dismiss the blame, but embraces the Situation< which will lead out to finding the Deep State players in their regimen and the real enemy within…..


Right now the DC. NATO. UN. ROCKEFELLERS. OBAMA. [ DS] ECT are desperate to stop all the EXPOSURE////


A few days I WARNED all the Military WIRES: were going CRAZY and Mil. INTEL were expecting a huge EVENT to hit in the coming days or weeks/////

It’s getting 🔥 hot

As deep state is being cornered

And getting desperate for a MASSIVE FALSE FLAG EVENT to start FULL WAR and hide their crimes inside a War pandemic

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Trump being INDICTED has always been the PLANS/// i have been telling you this since 2020 _ 2021

>His indictments is CONNECTED to holding other Presidents accountable but more over is connected to uncovering a MILITARY COUP that took place by OBAMA CIA Pentagon Rockefellers ROTHSCHILDs deep state…////


Your inside a DEVOLUTION PLAN that was designed by Military Intelligence >chess ♟️ MOVES being played out.

Nothing is COINCIDENCE ,

It all leads to > 11.3.


And if you don’t know yet.


and Democratic party is trying to band TikTok because [ they know> The CIA. Pentagon is heavily involved in running TIK TOK.

….. But white hat forces in China and U.S. want to EXPOSE TikTok OPERATIONS////)

As some deep state Democratics/ corporations are confused and trying to protect Tik Tok ( because they have been blackmailed liked AOC and TIKTOK has info on everyone).




TIK TOK Tik Tok> MCAFEE terabytes in compliance

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