Happy New Year! – April 1, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to E. For this fascinating article. Please read part of the truth kept from us (for nefarious reasons, no doubt), rejoice over the changes in/on our world, and the BE in..,

Quantum Joy!


Why are we celebrating the New Years right now?

There are many reasons… Let’s first look and the myth that we have been living with.

Take the latin origin of the words September (the 9th month?) through December (the 12 month?).

7 = Septem
8 = Octo
9 = Novem
10 = Decem

Clearly there is mass manipulation here. It gets better.

The origin of the phrase “April Fools” comes from people being teased when Pope Gregory XIII made the change from the Julian cale to the Gregorian calendar (used today). April 1st was the new year on the Julian calendar.

Therefore, anyone who still celebrated the New Year on April 1st was laughed at and called “April fools.”

Oh, it gets better!

We have a natural calendar… Our natural rhythm (cycle) is 28 days. The lunar cycle is 28 days. Hmm…

365 days in a year divided by 28 = 13 plus one extra day (The day of renewal).

6,000 years ago, Asian, Myan and Druidic calendars were 13 months.

Do you really believe that we would celebrate the New Year, renewal, blossoming of flowers and birth of animals in the dead of winter?

Of course NOT!

There are some reasonables debates on the “Exact” date of the New Year although the general consensus is that it should be between March 21st – April 7th.

It is pretty obvious that we have been intentionally messed with.

For the first time in a millenium “We The People” are recreating our planet as it should be… therefore I say to you… Happy New Year!

@ScrewBigGov (Lewis Herms)

~ ~ ~

David Straight: The Calendar and Frequencies 13 X 28 = 364 = 1.
April 1st = New Years Day! (This is why they call it April Fools Day).

Our ancestors knew this knowledge and have divided a year into 13 months. There are, 13 constellations, 13 moon cycles in a year & 27-29 days per cycle.

All ancient civilizations used this calendar, which followed a natural order of nature and cosmos, and was immensely more intune with our body’s biorhythm.

You can imagine why parasites changed it, and subtracted one month in order to sever the connection between the people and the sun, moon & other celestial bodies, which all have huge energetical influence on our wellbeing.

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Note to Readers:

There is a reason Latin isn’t taught in public schools any more…

The turtle has 13 sections on its shell. America was called Turtle Island by the indigenous peoples.

There is a reason the Church demonized the number 13…


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