Full Update | Benjamin Fulford — March 27th 2023: Western financial system suffers $8 trillion implosion, revolution follows – March 30, 2023


The current fake PM Shariff says Khan’s political party was not a political party but “rather a gang of militants.” He is of course talking about himself and his own heroin-dealing puppet government. 


The show also includes military fireworks in the Middle East. Last week saw an unprecedented military clash between Iran and the US on Syrian soil. Until now the Russians have held back the Iranians but now that Iran and Saudi Arabia have a military alliance, it looks like the green light has been given by China and Russia to kick US oil thieves out of Syria and Iraq. https://www.debka.com/iranian-drones-and-us-fighter-jets-in-first-ever-duel-over-east-syria/

Saudi TV meanwhile, depicted Biden as extending his hand to shake a non-existent person’s, getting lost on stage, and falling up the steps of Air Force One, while an equally useless Kamala Harris looks on.


The fake President Biden reacted to these developments by saying “Make no mistake, the United States does not, does not, I emphasize, seek conflict with Iran.”

Now it looks like the US has blinked and is withdrawing from Syria if this news item is anything to go by:

On 25 March, at least 80 fuel tankers loaded with hundreds of tons of stolen Syrian oil were taken out of Syria as part of a 148-vehicle convoy that crossed the illegal Al-Walid border crossing


We also note Egypt has abandoned the IMF and has officially become a new member of the New Development Bank (NDB) created by BRICS member states (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).


In Mexico too, Mexican marines and police officers seized US construction firm Vulcan Materials’ port terminal near Playa del Carmen in southern Mexico. There is clearly a lot more to this story than is being reported, presumably to do with drug money etc.

There is also a lot taking place in Africa. Last week 40 heads of African States with met with Putin and Xi in Moscow. Now, in a sign the Russians, having kicked the French out of most of Africa, are going after British “ex-colonies,” Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said he was grateful for the Soviet Union’s assistance in Africa’s fight against colonialism…. “we are very satisfied with our cooperation with the Russian Federation…in the sphere of defense.”https://tass.com/world/1594359

Video Player

At around the same time, Chad is nationalizing all assets from multinational oil giant Exxon Mobil, including its hydrocarbon and exploration permits. This means the Rockefellers are no longer able to steal oil from that country.


Meanwhile, Gen. Michael Langley, the head of US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is admitting Africans who receive US training later go on to be involved in coups against civilian governments

We also see trucks moving coal from Richard’s Bay in South Africa to the EU. 9.6 million tons in 9 months. It may be that like the Americans are fleeing Syria with the last of their stolen oil, the KM is fleeing South Africa with stolen coal.

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It is with these sorts of developments in mind that Xi Jinping told the media “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years and we are driving this change together,” to which Putin answered, “I agree.”

They added China’s Ukraine peace proposal “is not only endorsed by Russia but is supported by the entire Global South.”

The war in Ukraine has been won by Russia anyway. As things stand 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers are trapped in the strategic and important city of Bakhmut aka Artyomovsk.

Now we find out Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar have reached a deal on the Black Sea. As a senior CIA source notes “He who controls The Black Sea will win this war.”

The cornered KM rats, meanwhile, are upping the ante on their war crimes. Polish intelligence says “Ukraine has been using chemical weapons for two months. The exact chemical composition of the substances used is not yet known, but they cause serious injuries to soldiers and civilians. The use of chemical weapons is a war crime committed by the Ukrainian side.”

The KM are also trying to spread radio-active substances disguised as “depleted uranium shells.” That is why UK deputy defense chief Annabelle Goldie will be charged with war crimes.


In Poland meanwhile “the current ruling party plans to leave a mess, a Pandora’s box, seemingly arguing with others and knowing that they will rule together: a huge budget hole, bad investments and planning and elections run like a singing contest,” according to Polish intelligence. They say the KM plan is to “use low concentration ricin vaccines to finish off the rest of the people. They can do it with the help of Ukrainians dressed in Polish uniforms. The Hanukkah government in Warsaw has a plan, which is currently being implemented, to liquidate the Polish Nation. The Polish State is to be composed of Jews and Ukrainians, The official languages will be Hebrew and Ukrainian.”

The Polish people can rest assured the global WH alliance is putting an end to these KM plans for a greater Khazaria. Poland will be liberated.

In the US meanwhile, the American College of Physicians says a super-deadly FUNGUS with 60% kill rate is an “urgent threat” spreading across America. The corporate media is referring to this as a “hit HBO show.” In it, characters become afflicted with a cordyceps mushroom strain that evolved to infect humans, controlling their minds and turning them into “bloodthirsty zombies that see vines explode out of their bodies and can infect others.” It is obvious the fear porn being pushed out by the KM is now degenerating to the point of farce.

Finally, we are hearing about intensified fighting at underground bases in the US and now Canada. We are even getting news reports out of Canada where they are at least admitting recent earthquakes aren’t natural, but almost certainly lying about the cause. Notice that it was 4KM underground. edmonton.ctvnews.ca/largest-recorded-alberta-earthquake-not-natural-from-oilsands-wastewater-study-1.6325474

We are also getting more and more reports of unusual sky activity. So, in conclusion, here are some of the latest:

1. UFO’s seen from flight deck on screen

Video Player

2. Several UFO’s over the ocean. 

Video Player

3. Plasma energy off-world craft

Video Player

4. Cigar-shaped UFO over Italy

Video Player

5. A fleet of Fly Snakes over Sacramento, Ca. USA 

Video Player

6. UFO interdimensional portal

Video Player


If things keep unfolding this way maybe soon we will all have stargates in our living rooms and flying saucers in our garages. We can only hope.


4 thoughts on “Full Update | Benjamin Fulford — March 27th 2023: Western financial system suffers $8 trillion implosion, revolution follows – March 30, 2023

  1. Things are sure heating up. I never fail to be amazed at how low the KM will stoop to kill people. I feel pity for these creatures in that all they can do is plot and scheme 24/7 to maim, murder and poisen humanity. They even kill their family if they won’t comply. The scourge of the earth, a cancer entrenched throughout the world. They deserve what’s coming to them.


  2. The UFOs I’ve TRULY seen, not these little light shows are very different. Our star people are better at cloaking than Blue Beam gives them credit for.


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