Q The Storm Rider: Banking Collapse Connected to Tribunals & War Crimes – March 28, 2023


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Quantum Joy!


BANKING COLLAPSE connects to Tribunals and WAR CRIMES<

Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds issued to Europe and 110 nations are being returned. 

The U.S. corporation is broke, and leading to a massive COLLAPSE in Europe, and elsewhere as France is stealing its people’s money, and riots had begun and civil unrest.

Inside the Germany, the hyperinflation is collapsing the metal industry, and no weapons production is being done. Day by day, corporations are are going bankrupt and Deutsche Bank is coming into the scopes of EPSTEIN connections, and connecting to other banks that reach as far as Estonian banks. The world courts have begun silent and open investigation into the banking companies (this investigation has been on going since 2020, and the MSM has been suppressing the information hoping this would change, but the investigation is heading up).

Israel in serious trouble as the country heads into a COLLAPSE, and banks are hiding the true market numbers, and false gains, and civil unrest leads to riots …>

The HUGE COLLAPSE of SVB BANKS in California TRIGGERED a 10 Trillion $$$ LOST/COLLAPSE, which created a  DOMINO EFFECT throughout the world, and the effects are being felt in several countries.

The [financial system COLLAPSE] has been happening for over a year and half now. Finally the sheep are seeing the effects, and Deep State Cover-ups, and false market reports are showing. 

The banking COLLAPSE is getting ready to bring to down Biden regimen, the French president, the Canadian leader — from the U.S. to EU to Israel, the COLLAPSE is happening.

The Military courts and The Alliance are watching silently, as the Collapse is taking place. They know everything leads to Military intervention, the COLLAPSE of governments, their connections to a world wide PLANDEMIC, money laundering operations, bioweapons creation leading to WAR CRIMES, crimes against humanity, and inciting WAR through a U.S. proxy War.

*_We are on the verge of COLLAPSE EVENT, massive chaos, and the U.S. citizens are not prepared for the EVENT.

( If you have been following me these past years you knew these EVENTS were coming )

This important EVENT COLLAPSE happening is connected to taking down the [NATO ] UN powers that run human trafficking, create the world wars through the military-industrial complex systems, and control world banks.

The empty U.S. Treasury system once controlled over 120 nations through a Rockefeller / ROTHSCHILDS deep state Satanic cabal system>>>>>

JEFFREY EPSTEIN (didn’t kill himself) IS ONLY BEGINNING TO SING AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE HAVE MCAFEE SERVERS, DATA, and TERABYTES OF WORLD CORRUPTION connected to world child trafficking rings, weapons trades, and world drug rings/////…..



Behind the scenes: Not only Germany has made a deal with China and Russia, but POLAND has made a deal with Russia and CHINA, along with Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, etc. (These countries) have made a secret pact that will connect their banks after the War to an EU BRICS subsidiary System, and now Poland is inside the secret deal)….

> Even though Poland is sending jets to Ukraine, this is corrected later to bringing down NATO, the UN. Powers exposing the corrupt EU SYSTEM….

Trust the plan .Q

The banking COLLAPSE is meant to collapse World banks >>IMF ( WHO. GATES. CDC, EVERGRANDE, ETC.,<<<< IMF)

~ ~ ~


For those of you who are freaking out, QFS is coming. NESARA/GESARA is coming. 

It is necessary to empty the coffers of the corrupt central banking system completely before bringing online the QFS. The article above explains the system.

Now, take a nice deep breath, put some groceries aside in case your country or location goes into lockdown and wait and see what is about to explode on the scene.


P.S. This article has been heavily edited although not entirely. If you want to read Q The Storm Rider in the raw, go to Telegram or TruthSocial.

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