NESARA/GESARA: Corrupted Banks are Going Under Along With the Stock Market and all of the Old Corrupted Corporations Belonging to the Deep State Located in the Vatican ~ March 30, 2023



8 thoughts on “NESARA/GESARA: Corrupted Banks are Going Under Along With the Stock Market and all of the Old Corrupted Corporations Belonging to the Deep State Located in the Vatican ~ March 30, 2023

  1. I believe the most despicable and disgusting site is hands down this site and Restored Republic. Complete lies and total disinformation. You have NO SHAME, every day absolute nothing but printed alt news total BULLS**T, COMPLETE LIES. HOPIUM, over and over and over, day in and day out for over 4 years America is humiliated with ignorant fools. These citizens belong to a Corporate USA Inc. Fed nothing but deception. When will the SHEEP realize you are totally DECEIVED. There is NO Nesara/Gesara……surprise yourself for once and seek the truth, its astounding the level of peoples stupidity for being so lazy. You are being played by a pathological LIAR, a Hollywood Actor, A criminal his whole Democrat life. A 33 Jesuit Freemason, loyal first to Jewish Bankers and Israel……NOT USA Inc. Come on, my god for once use common sense, not one damn word from this site or Restored Republic has come to fruit, nothing!!!!! And it never will. There is NO planeloads of Gold/Silver from the Vatican. 650 plane loads, with not 1 person witnessing such a huge operation, taking 100s of people to pull it off. Not to mention “Monkey Werx” has scanned all flights around the world and not once has he reported 650 large transports coming out of Italy. Not to mention transporting it all to Fort Knox and Cheyenne Mountain. And just how did other countries receive theirs without no witnesses? Its not possible, THINK LOGICALLY. Birth Certificates are worthless, they are BONDS/IOUs…stolen identities, fictional characters, citizens of a Corporation. It is NOT illegal for a foreign country to steal an election to a Corporation, NO ELECTION WAS STOLEN, Biden won president of the Municipal Jurisdiction/Washington DC. Military made Trump Commander in Chief to the Territorial Jurisdiction, he has NO PRESIDENTIAL POWERS. Trump the lying coward knows full well this truth. He refused to regain his political status before he was “Selected” in 2016. He would rather continually lie with deceiving his British Crown Corporation status. Same applies to Corporate Congress, Corporate Federal Govt, Corporate Judicial Branch, ALL are under the Commonwealth…..USA Inc. Each corporate branch has 100s and 100s of subcontractors. All paid with forced taxation by “citizen slaves”. 150 years Corporate America and their citizen slaves have never been FREE, NO LIBERTIES, NO LAND of the BRAVE, NO NEW REPUBLIC…NOTHING but paper slaves. Trump is Not and Will not ever be The 19th President, There is NO RAINBOW PRINTED NOTES in any Banks. NO 1950s Prices, NO DEBT FORGIVENESS. The only intact Govt we have right now is United States of America, Federation of States, Unincorporated. Only States have the power to reconstruct a New Republic. Claim your Birthright status to reclaim your heritage and assets, or remain a “citizen slave” to the British Commonwealth. Go to State to take back your Birthright in your State. Then educate yourself with REALITY from Superior Court Judge of Alaska who has been asked as Fucidary resources and assets of 209 countries that NONE has received any GOLD or SILVER. I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO PROVE ME WRONG. Absurd site is evil to push complete lies of HOPIUM, What they have done is the highest level of CRUELTY to those who are hurting and struggling the most, its unforgiving to keep pushing such despicable lies every single day. DEMAND PROOF, DEMAND EVIDENCE RIGHT NOW!!!! TODAY dont let 1 more day of this “SHIT SHOW” continue. Get up off your asses and DEMAND TRUMP COME CLEAN. OTHERWISE YOU ALL DESERVE WHAT IS REALLY COMING!!!!


    1. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF AN …NDA? This would have not been a success if everyone like you could get all the CORRECT information off the internet about all the plans to take down the corrupt DEEP STATE. When a person is put …undercover on any sting operations….do they tell all their friends etc where they are going and doing? Only certain people knew …THE PLAN. ALL WE HAVE NOW IS HOPE AND THE LOVE OF OUR CREATOR (GOD). If this is BS…we all are toast anyhow!!! IF YOU DONT BELIEVE THIS? Maybe you are on the wrong side of the fence?? GOD LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN….PRAY,!!! GOD WINS…..TRUST THE PLAN!


  2. There will always be the naysayers, the doubting Thomas’s! We do get a lot of dates thinking ‘this is it’ then the date arrives and nothing. Apr 1 is mentioned although this is April fools day! I see its now September. I saw a link briefly with Tucker Carlson with a headline “Trump Executed” any info?


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