X22 Report — Episode 3030: Countries are Dropping the Federal Reserve Note, Deep State Prepares for Communication Blackout – March 28, 2023


Ep. 3030a – Countries Are Dropping The Federal Reserve Note, More States Are Pushing Back

The [WEF] wants the people to eat bugs, we the people reject this agenda. Everything the [DS]/[CB] touches fall apart, just look at at the blue states. Economists are no predicting a recession, states are fighting back against the [CBDC].


Ep. 3030b – [DS] Prepares For Communication Blackout, Countermeasures In Place, Durham

The [DS] is in a deep panic they have lost the narrative and they don’t have the ability censor like they once did. They will now need to try to control the communications. This will fail, countermeasures are in place. Durham is prepared to release more information. The J6 fake insurrection is falling apart and this will lead to the real insurrection on Nov 3. Trump is continually pointing out how the [DS] has interfered in our elections. Nothing can stop this, nothing. The patriots are in control.


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