March 28, 2023: Windows On a Wild World [videos] ~ March 28, 2023


What is happening in the world. For openers… we wait with bated breath to see what the Q Clock will mean when it unwinds. Currently it’s ticking away at 2 days remaining on The White Hats certainly injected many opportunities to keep the patriots engaged and entertained. Even when events don’t present as we expected or seem to be nothing at all, it helps to pass the time and connect dots.

Who believes this “movie” will have a surprise ending? They already got us with Trump not maintaining the presidency in 2020 and it sounds like it’s possible there may be a second potential arrest of citizen Trump.

As we mentioned a month or so ago, Dr. David Martin and Co. have put together a sweeping lawsuit to address the Covid Crimes, and you may have noticed the names of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and a long list of other statesmen, CEOs, politicians, etc. as defendants. Perhaps that will come into play for a second Trump arrest. Goodness knows both Trump and Putin have put themselves out there for character assassination and hate clubs.

For an exhaustive list of the defendants in this case, corporations, etc., click on the Tweet below with video from Dr. David Martin explaining. Isn’t it interesting that Twitter now allows these looooong Tweets—just when we needed to share more unfettered information with the normies? What a Qincidence.

BREAKING NEWS: Covid-19 was deliberately released on the populations by entities with intent. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID was paid 400 million dollars in royalties by Moderna. Covid-19 was engineered in the United States after receiving an infectious clone WIV1-CoV Spike from Wuhan.…

— Truth Justice ™ (@SpartaJustice) March 24, 2023

The bridge here has been sluggish and erratic of late and the Communications Officer is having difficulty keeping the hailing frequencies open so I will share the link to the Thursday live War Correspondent show with Jean-Claude, Janine, Riccardo Bosi and Julie the astrologer—just in case there is no Thursday Starship post. I can’t wait to hear Riccardo’s take on the recent election in Oz.

How Labor won the NSW election – video

If you miss it or miss the beginning, give it a couple of minutes and it will upload in its entirety there on Rumble immediately following the end of the show. It’s at 4 pm EDT March 30.

I must say it is refreshing to have such wonderful discussions and intel after years of so-so and questionable or controlled opposition. We said they would be outed eventually and they were… such as Corey Goode/James Corey and his fake Blue Avians and other tales from his imagination and plagiarized material. I got attacked hard for stating that opinion many years ago but when you know, you know. The whole Gaia thing stank to high heaven.

Now we have Michael Jaco, SG Anon, Trump’s insiders like Kash Patel, Steve Bannon, Governors like Kristi Noem [and factually—Kari Lake], MAGA Reps like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, the Redacted team, Dan Dicks at Press for Truth, Good Dog USA and Q the Storm Rider on Telegram, Juan O’Savin, the X22 Report, Gene Decode, Del Bigtree, Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, Viva Frei, Patriot Underground, Scott McKay/Patriot Streetfighter, Clif High, Max Igan, and scores of others who feature either intelligence, insider perspectives, military perspectives, scientific data, deeply researched material, educated opinions, support, encouragement, and fill our days with what we need to piece together the scraps of reality that would otherwise evade us. Fox News has put out surprising material and it’s getting better so we can see our world changing. Truth is winning.

Even Queen Romana of Canada is doing live stream news and I don’t believe the timing is an accident. Canada—your day has come. No more groggy Canucks. Snap to it! You can still watch the hockey playoffs.

Probably the most difficult part is figuring out the intended audience when receiving it. We old timers have our secret decoder rings and usually know when Trump or General Flynn or others are addressing we, the Q/Maga crowd, the normies, or the cabal puppets but it can be confusing when they say things we know aren’t true. It’s the movie script and we just go with it.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain under house arrest?

We have ample evidence of many arrests. We’ve seen a lot of unfashionable “boots” on bad actors which hide tracking devices, and a lot of unreasonable facsimiles as I call them who don’t closely resemble the originals. When you peruse Twitter and Telegram you get a good sense for who has been removed from the cast and if they’re still in play or were replaced by a double.

Where’s John Fetterman?
Where’s Mitch McConnell?
Where’s Dianne Feinstein?

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) March 25, 2023

It’s so Hollywood. Case in point—John Fetterman. Link to Telegram. The Q Military Intelligence team has been holding our hand for years to help us innerstand the true situation on the planet.

What makes a movie GOOD?
Great actors?

(John Fetterman ➡️ Woody Harrelson?)

Now, it appears after his recent Covid monologue hosting Saturday Night Live that Harrelson is a “good guy”, so this might indicate that yes, the “patriots are in control”—in this scenario.

And this article from Real Raw News is another clue. It can be difficult to parse the information available for the facts but it’s getting easier to tell what is true and what is disinformation; what is fact, and what is fiction. All sources are valuable if we are skilled at discernment and that comes with experience. We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

It should be apparent by now, but when people are brainwashed and also suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s a tough slog to get through to them.

Here’s the question:

If Trump truly lost the 2020 election, why are they going after him now? Riddle me that. If people could just remove their hazy lenses and blinders and think logically, it would be easier to wake up the world.

Midnight Rider Channel on Telegram.

— MAGA Frank 🇺🇸 (@Frank671717) March 23, 2023

For an astonishingly truthful Tweet, check this out. Amazing. Did they miss anything? Material like this never used to last long but fortunately it’s been archived and I’m glad I stumbled on it.

Show was cancelled after this👀👌

— nikola 3 (@ronin19217435) March 28, 2023

What is happening around the world? In France—wow. Just wow. Many cities are full of protestors.

France… This is absolutely epic, this is a revolution


— Pelham (@Resist_05) March 28, 2023

The financial situation everywhere is potentially volatile.

French banks raided over tax fraud allegations

Just an offhand note… I have always seen hot cross buns for sale in Kroger/Fry’s and at Loblaws, etc. in Canada for many weeks prior to Easter. You know the ones… with candied peel, and a white dough cross on top. This year I looked for them and can’t find any and it’s less than two weeks until Easter. Does it reflect the attack on Christianity?

In this 8 minute video below with Steve Bannon and Jack Posobiec, Jack points out the blatant war on Christianity with respect to the recent Nashville church school shooting.

Democrat Leaders Wanted to Conceal Mass Shooter Hale’s Transgender Status

Steve is live on location in East Palestine, Ohio post-train derailment providing support to the community and he and Jack Posobiec discuss a number of salient topics, including the fact that bottled water has vanished in Philadelphia as a result of a latex spill. It’s a great clip on Telegram from Midnight Rider and even the ticker at the bottom of the screen provides important headlines.

If you’re not on Telegram, you can watch the slightly longer 11 min version on Bannon’s Real America’s Voice network at this link. Scroll down on the page and select the March 28 video Part 2 entitled…


Interesting that ABC saw fit to tell folks there is no need to buy water. It seems the residents don’t take their word for it.

Philadelphia says ‘no need to buy water at this time’ after nearby chemical spill

We hope everyone, everywhere has set aside at least a little food, water, meds, pet supplies, cash/precious metals, fuel, flashlights, candles, etc. in case challenging situations unfold. We just don’t know what to expect in an unpredictable war scenario. Everything can change in an instant. That we know.

Apparently Biden is still being used to call for more gun control as a result of the brutal shooting of several school children and their guardians in Nashville this week. It is testament to the shocking number of mind controlled people in the deep state sleeper cells. They’re like land mines and we can’t seem to go a week any more without tripping on these devastating devices.

Weaponized Humans are being deployed to execute the false flag events the psychopaths need to push their agendas—usually gun control—and in this case also an attack on Christianity, as mentioned above.

What a honest headline looks like.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) March 28, 2023

The average Human should be able to see by now that the Khazarian mafia has used similar events for a very long time to manipulate the world and geopolitical situations. They have their operatives programme people using drugs and proven mind control techniques [trauma-based mind control], they provide the hardware and ammunition, train them, put them to sleep, and when needed they provide the trigger to launch them into action to perform their tasks like trained monkeys. They don’t even know what they’re doing because they are literally in a trance state due to a compartmentalized brain split into multiple “personalities”.

Rogue CIA and FBI agents have been implicated in these kind of operations. They have their own bad actors on site to make kill shots such as the one that took out President John F. Kennedy while they place the blame on their patsy—like Lee Harvey Oswald. It’s a pattern, folks, and easily discernable if you examine the evidence.

Look at the Boston Marathon Bombing—a total false flag that fooled the populace with a lock-down-style man hunt while door-to-door searches took place and the crisis actors made off with their paycheques. The result: one patsy dead, his brother imprisoned, their friend in Florida later assassinated—all over a “drill” gone live. How many times are we going to watch these productions unfold without holding anyone accountable? How long will the public be gullible?


The January 6th rally in Washington, DC in 2021 was planned well in advance with ample deep state players on site to make sure the situation escalated and patriots were bamboozled into a situation that turned ugly. They then have their lying, treasonous media blow it up and steer the narrative to place the blame and direct scrutiny where they want it—on the innocents, and away from their paid law enforcement traitors.

Then the feds hunted down and locked up patriots unlawfully for years, draining their bank accounts in legal fees in their corrupted courts. It’s difficult to believe this could happen in America but it did and there is no justice system any longer for the average person. The two-tiered system serves the criminals. They are coming after us and use events like this to deter the American people from rising up, speaking up, showing up, and opposing the tyranny.

UNICEF would know; they participate.

In the war against Human trafficking, there was news of a very successful raid in Germany. Link to Telegram.

Child molesters raid on 106 men and women in Hesse 🇩🇪

Wiesbaden (Hesse) – Last week, 324 police officers searched a total of 104 apartments of 106 men and women throughout Hesse on behalf of the LKA and public prosecutors (BAO FOKUS). Seized: 126 smartphones, 112 computers and laptops, 153 USB sticks, 321 CDs and DVDs and 279 other items. They will now be evaluated.

In a concerted action, investigators in Hesse searched numerous apartments in connection with child abuse and child pornography. More than 1,000 pieces of evidence were secured and now have to be viewed. The action lasted five days and targeted a total of 106 men and women with serious allegations against them.

The operations took place in the cities of Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Offenbach, Hanau and Wiesbaden, as well as in 16 districts: Bergstrasse, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Fulda, Groß-Gerau, Kassel, Lahn-Dill, Limburg-Weilburg, Main-Kinzig, Main- Taunus, Marburg-Biedenkopf, Rheingau-Taunus, Schwalm-Eder, Odenwald, Offenbach, Vogelsberg and Wetterau.



If you have not listened to the full interviews [2 hr. 27 min] with the British brother and sister in Hampstead about what happens in their church and school, they are, to the uninitiated, both unbelievable and riveting. We can see how desensitized they are to these ruthless murders. You can watch and listen here, while it lasts.

SG Anon posted an excerpt that gets into how the Child Protective Services is involved in Human Trafficking and specifically child sex trafficking by these satanists who do Human blood sacrifices to their god and how they indoctrinate children into their cult.

Consider yourself warned, and know that this is not fiction, it is verifiable, documented, and we have testimonial from many sources of its validity and widespread implementation across the planet. It’s time for it to be known as there is no other way to stop it. Guard your children, folks. 56 seconds.

Child Tells How CPS/Social Services Traffick Children for the Satanic Elite

If there is any doubt that the New World Order is dragging our civilization into the gutter with them, they need only watch videos like this. We never, ever saw anything like this twenty or even ten years ago. They have accelerated their agenda in hopes of bringing their wet dreams to fruition but Humans will not allow them to succeed. They are attempting to normalize filth and change the definition of “normal” and we have to stop it whether the rest of the world wakes up or not.

Well, well, well, what have we here? Canada’s measures to curb illegal immigration.

FIRST READING: Canada absolutely did not need U.S. permission to close Roxham Road

— National Post (@nationalpost) March 28, 2023

I mentioned support and encouragement above as readily available for those who need it. Remember Trump’s admonishment: “Never, ever, ever give up.” I feel confident saying, “nothing is what it seems”. It’s not how it looks. In actuality, things are looking really good in the 80,000 foot view I favour from up here in Low Earth Orbit. As me old Dad used to say, “Cheer up, chicken.” We’re in this together.

See you next time, warriors. At ease.  ~ BP

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