Democrat Leaders Wanted to Conceal Mass Shooter Hale’s Transgender Status ~ March 28, 2023


Within minutes of discovering that mass shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale was a biological female who had undergone gender reassignment surgery to become a man, Democrats on Capitol Hill were making a flurry of phone calls to one another discussing how to reconcile the words “transgender” and “mass shooter” and how to stop Hale’s sexuality from becoming a matter of public record, a U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) source told Real Raw News.

Armed with rifles and a sidearm, 28-year-old Hale burst into a Christian elementary school in Nashville and killed three children and three adults before being neutralized by law enforcement, whose swift response prevented Hale from unleashing more carnage.

At first, law enforcement released scant details, saying the shooter was a 28-year-old female former student of The Covenant School. It took officials nearly six hours to reveal that Hale was transgender and had written a manifesto before charging into the school with guns blazing. Cops knew almost immediately that Hale was a woman-turned-man; they examined Hale’s corpse and, 30 minutes later, recovered Hale’s writings from his car, parked nearby.

By 11:15 a.m., an FBI task force had arrived at the Covenant School and told local law enforcement that it would disseminate all information about the shooting and the shooter.

Ten minutes later, FBI Director Christopher Wray and a frantic Kabula Harris were on the phone, and ARCYBER was listening.

ARCYBER has for years routinely intercepted Deep State calls and digital data in hopes of sniffing out the whereabouts of Deep Staters for whom White Hats have sealed indictments. Those calls are often encrypted and must be deciphered, but the Deep State occasionally communicates over unencrypted lines, as was the case Monday morning.

When Wray told Harris a transgender male had hosed down six at a Christian school, she blew a gasket, insisting that law enforcement had misgendered the shooter because “trans people are peaceful, loving citizens who don’t do things like that.” Wray insisted the FBI didn’t make mistakes and had a manifesto in which Hale demonized Christianity.

“Well, I understand, but our transgender people don’t shoot people. Only cisgender men are mass shooters,” Harris reportedly said. “Cisgender racists kill trans people, not the other way around.”

Harris told Wray to keep Hale’s gender a secret until she “spoke to some people.” Those people, it turns out, were among Congress’ most liberal members—Alexandria Cortez and her “Squad;” Zooey Zephyr, a transgender Montana State Representative; Vermont Senator Peter Welch; and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, among others. They agreed that Hale’s transgenderism and hatred of Christianity must remain secret. Harris even suggested that disclosing Hale’s status as a transgender person would violate HIPPA.

Gillibrand said, “If we have to say it’s a woman, let’s say it’s a binary woman. We can’t let the public think trans or non-binary people carry assault rifles and use them to shoot up schools. It will undermine everything we’re working towards.”

Harris was back on the phone with Wray 40 minutes later, demanding he “contain” Hale’s personally identifiable information until further notice. But Wray replied that containment was no longer possible because over 70 Tennessee police officers and state Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, already knew the truth. He proposed an alternate solution: “We’ll release that Hale was a trans and later say she did what she did because, when she was a student at Covenant, she was persecuted for being born a female in a man’s body. We can say kids teased her and beat her up. We have options here to salvage the situation. We’ll keep the manifesto to ourselves as long as possible. We’ll even rewrite it if we have to.”

At 3:00 p.m. Monday, Nashville Police, at the behest of the FBI, released the shooter’s name and gender but suppressed a motive for the unthinkable slaughter. They admitted the attack was premeditated, for Hale had drawn maps of the school, entry and exit points.

ARCYBER, our source said, hadn’t even heard of the shooting until intercepting Harris’ phone calls.

“We had her phones under surveillance for other reasons,” our source said. “But these attacks on Christianity should concern all God-fearing people.”

On Tuesday morning Real Raw News spoke to a Covenant School teacher under condition of anonymity.

“Sexual reassignment changes brain chemistry and fouls the soul,” he said. “When a man or woman decides to change their biological sex, evil has taken hold.”


31 thoughts on “Democrat Leaders Wanted to Conceal Mass Shooter Hale’s Transgender Status ~ March 28, 2023

  1. On Tuesday morning Real Raw News spoke to a Covenant School teacher under condition of anonymity.

    “Sexual reassignment changes brain chemistry and fouls the soul,” he said. “When a man or woman decides to change their biological sex, evil has taken hold.”



    1. Remember, this was a Christian teacher, probably of conservative nature. I will say sexual reassignment will involve hormone treatment which I Am not fond of. 😳😊🌹


      1. Got news for you, Cindy…without hormones, some transfolks can NEVER change into what they need to be.

        Also, look at her:

        Are you saying you’d rather she NOT do what she did?

        or her?

        or her

        OR do you rather they never did so, and be miserable?

        *taps my bald head, which has been bald since age SIXTEEN* Natural hormone things are not any better, Cindy. Nature is not always doing things properly, either.


      2. Thank you Neil, for showing another side for the issue of sexual migration. This is a complicated issue to be sure! The ultimate goal for male/female interaction on Earth is the process of creation. Those who choose to another pathway will not be able to perpetuate themselves in the physical. Is this “good”? Or “bad”? My thought is when this decision is based on the “reason”, or “driver” for the decision. When this is based on a real soul-felt emotional need, no issues, however my own personal view changes when grown men disguise themselves as women for personal gain of some sort!


      3. @Cindy

        STOP thinking that we ALL want to MAKE BABIES! Not everyone in the world wants to make a family. I do NOT care about ‘perpetuating’ myself. 1: I don’t want the responsibility, nor the commitment. 2: My idiot family of drunks, junkies, racists and conservative Catholics and Christians don’t deserve to reproduce.
        3: I will NOT let another soul end up like me, forced to incarnate on this prison planet…..I was forced to come here, I will not injure another soul the way MY soul has been injured.

        A VAST majority of transgenders, BOTH male to female, and female to male (of you want to see a female to male, adult film star, Buck Angel is a female to male, you’ll be quite impressed at his transformation) are NOT deviant tricksters.

        The only ‘men in dresses’ you need to watch out for are CLERGY MEN.


  2. One thing’s clear. They’ve lost control of the narrative space. These conversations are priceless. People know mental illness when they see it.


      1. no it does not, Cindy.
        TRY to ponder the concept that nature, and ‘god’ can fuck up. Free will is NOT respected on earth, not for thousands of years.

        Also, is she ‘skewed’?

        I will NEVER forgive ‘god’, for what happened to me, I never had a chance to transition, and won’t be able to until the aliens arrive, Cindy. EVERY day I gotta find a reason NOT to put a gun to my head, Cindy, thanks to the fucking Archons.

        Try this, Cindy, as well as the rest of you guys reading this: Imagine if YOU woke up one morning, in the body of a MAN, and an ugly little, un idealistic man at that. Or as a woman for you men. I am sure not all of you would be happy about that. That’s what the Archons did to ME, and also, MAYBE you’ll finally see the PAIN that transfolks go through….maybe get some sensitivity, and consideration from you so-called ‘normal folks’.

        Also, why not listen to a trans person herself:

        Like a friend of mine from Cobra’s blog said, “Walk a mile in my IRON BOOTS”.


      2. So sorry for your pain of BEing on Earth. My own thought leads me to understand the “inner” absolutely reflects on the “outer” we experience. “Details” will mirror as “events” in our individual lives. You have been gifted with a special situation (thank you Archons?) through which you choose how you will BE. No one but you chooses how you respond to the events you experience. By your description… you could be an ugly little man with a golden heart dedicated to the love you are, or you could be an angry, bitter man who only dwells on the sorrow you are. Your choice! From my perspective, you are an intelligent man capable of BEing any way you choose to feel, no one is forcing any reaction from you. I support whatever “way” you choose to BE! 😊🌹🎉


      3. Damn it, Cindy, STOP!!!!

        Please….STOP trying to find good in my situation…..I will NOT thank the Archons, EVER. One does not thank a rapist for raping them, one does not thank a murderer for killing one’s child, one does not thank a thief for robbing them, one does not thank a politician for screwing them over.

        And I will NOT embrace being either a man, or an ugly little man. the Archons win the war I declared on them. I’ll win once I get my PROPER gender and genetics restored….so SPARE me the ‘BE this, BE that’ lecture, Cindy.

        Also, why don’t YOU go talk to actual transgender people, and learn from them, rather than what so-called ‘awakened’ or so-called ‘patriots’ spew on about. NO transgender is going to simply accept the body they have.

        I plan to get myself RESTORED, or DIE trying, as well as die in the war against the archons, and, as I said, IF I die on this planet, in this body, my soul is declaring WAR on both the light forces as well as the dark forces…..I’ll end their war FOR them. Remember that old saying, Cindy:

        “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned” is the full quotation from William Congreve’s ‘The Mourning Bride’ (1697).


      4. Well Neil… there is NO BEing who cannot change themselves if they desire this. You may not be ready just yet to understand this. Still love Who You Are! 😊🌹🎉


      5. I desire the change, Cindy, but, as I said REPEATEDLY, I need alien tech. And contrary to what SOME think, I DO love myself, more than you can guess….if I did not, I’d have settled for being on this planet, as an ugly little man….but I did not.

        *hands you some iron boots*


      6. Glad to hear that! We all have been programmed for our own crosses, yet loosing that cross IS absolutely available once we become aware of Who We Are…this is when magic happens!😊🌹🎉


      7. What you need Vidican is to QUIT COMPLAINING and take a look around you at all the individuals on the streets who have far, far less than you. Take a little pride in yourself & stop bitching about how unhappy you are. Get your own damn life together and Cindy is constantly telling you IT IS POSSIBLE!


      8. Thanks Unicorn. Neil seems to be a tad unhappy about how his life has turned out, despite having a remedy available anytime he wants? Love you both! 🌹😊🎉


  3. They can’t conceal it, it’s too widely known and the butt of many jokes. But seriously I think the girl may be a martyr or close if they discount that she’s a MURDERER.


  4. Kamala Harris is a transgender as is pretty obvious NOW…..why should she give a shit if the shooter’s identity as a transwoman or transman (I can’t get the terms right!) is enunciated to the public. Only a trans-species as herself would feel so obsessed about it.


      1. So if I’ve got the terminology right, Kamala WAS born a man and changed her appearance to a female? In other words, she’s still a man below the belt but dresses like a woman or has she had her gear box changed out?


      2. Well…speaking from a medical point, you can lose your fellas easily enough, but changing out the pee-pee part is difficult both ways…just sayin…🌹😊


      3. @unicorn
        She’s a woman. Regardless of the genitals.
        Bailey Jay here
        She is a non-op, meaning she still has her penis. But, unicorn….if she walked past you on a sidewalk, would you call her a ‘man’? Lemme tell you something…95% of my school teachers were what I call ‘he woman’, they are cis females….but were anything BUT feminine: Fat, bulky bodies…..bodies shaped like squares or barrels…ugly, short permed, Golden Girls hairstyles, and looked like a bunch of men in cardigans. Pretty much, like this cartoon character —>

        Gender is not down here, folks *points to groin* Gender is here. *taps chest*


      4. Just curious…why is appearance so important for you? You seem to judge a lot based on appearance. Are those who are ugly “less than” someone who is beautiful? I know those deemed beautiful who are sooo insecure inside…
        Thank you for your interactions with me…Your thoughts and comments have caused me to know myself better! 😊🎉🌹


      5. @cindy


        Because when one has been ugly their whole life (as I said, I seen the real me in dream and visions…..a tall, lovely alien woman, imagine being trapped in the WRONG body, and an ugly one at that, Cindy…can you ponder such a thing? If you can’t, you’ll never understand.), and getting uglier as time goes by. I’ve have body image issues my whole life…..overweight as a child, anorexia as a teenager, hair loss at 16, teeth like Stonehenge (thanks to my cheap skate father, who DESPITE making $40+ an hour, would never pay for health insurance, or anything to help get my teeth fixed as a kid…the more money he made, the less he spent), not to mention getting beaten up by the jocks, and totally rejected for dates by the girls.

        Also, lots of ugly people are insecure.

        Also, the aliens are described as physically perfect….they don’t age….no ONE report was given on contactees meeting aliens who were balding, had bad knees, back problems, etc. Humans are genetic MONGRELS.

        And I remember what I was like in my past life, which was MUCH happier than THIS so-called ‘life’, Cindy….I’ll never forgive the Archons for doing this to me, and I’ll never forgive GOD, who ALLOWED this to happen to me. And IF I am doomed to die on this planet, as a human, and an ugly little man…..then that’s it, I’m gonna fully embrace my DARK SIDE, like Darth Vader, and just go after BOTH the dark forces AND the light forces and END this fucking war they are waging, FOR KEEPS.

        Cindy…do you want to know what ONE word I can use to describe that the dark forces did to my soul, prior to, and as well in during this so-called ‘life’ that I lived for the past 44 years, Cindy? You want to know that one, word that perfectly describes it?



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