Kat Is The Sea – March 27, 2023


😻 I’m posting this GIF even though
I CANNOT VERIFY the information.
That said, it is what I’ve BELIEVED for 18 years.

I read NESARA in 2005. I knew it was The Divine Plan.
I’ve never for one second lost my FAITH.

I’ve watched QTeam IMPLEMENT NESARA / GESARA every day
since President Trump was Elected in 2016.

Most Anons know N/G was meant to be implemented on 9-11.

N/G is so much MORE than finances but that is a piece of it.

I learned 10 years ago that Wells Fargo 
was one of the RV / GCR banks because it, 
along with HSBC, is owned by the Chinese Elders.

I haven’t heard otherwise.

QTeam are collapsing the bloodline banks
& removing the deep state demon financial 
debt-slavery stranglehold on Humanity.

WHEN the switch is flipped to the QFS for all
I do not know. FAITH 🕊

QTeam, Q+, BRICS & the Global White Hat Alliance
are bringing N/G in 🙏🏻



2 thoughts on “Kat Is The Sea – March 27, 2023

  1. I’ve been going on faith for a few years too. Did you get conspiracy nut, Follow the science, or any of their words of wisdom? Funny thing all of those ‘conspiracies’ came true with time so why not Q, sheepdog and Gen. Flynn (he’s still very much part of Intelligence).


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