North Korea unveils ‘radioactive tsunami’ weapon ~ March 25, 2023


North Korea claims to have successfully tested a new ‘underwater nuclear strategic weapon’ that is capable of unleashing a ‘radioactive tsunami.’ Tests were carried out this week by the country’s military, overseen by Kim Jong-un, with Pyongyang arguing the move was necessary to strengthen North Korea’s ‘war deterrence’ amid a flurry of military drills by Washington and Seoul.

‘The mission of the underwater nuclear strategic weapon is to stealthily submerge into the operational area,’ reported state-run outlet KCNA, ‘and annihilate enemy ship groups and major ports of operation by generating a super-powerful radioactive tsunami through underwater explosions.’

The weapon has reportedly undergone some 50 rounds of testing in the last two years, reports the outlet, and is intended to ‘check the military and technological superiority of the imperialist aggressor army.’

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