Kat Is The Sea – March 24, 2023


😼 Stormy Daniels “Official” Letter 1-30-18
-No affair with President Trump
-Never paid “hush money”
Soros-owned NY DA Alvin Bragg has NOTHING

🇺🇸 Juan O Savin
These Marxist infiltrators that are being schooled 
& brought in to represent you by Foreign Entities, 
including, very specifically, Soros.
Where did [Nazi] Soros get his money?
He got it by shorting the British Pound
& other Common Market currencies, by betting against them.
He’s a Brit operative working for MI6 [bloodlines]
He’s just a shell.
He’s this ‘black money’ that got into this operation
to go out & affect the whole world.
He was using his face, name & supposed genius
to skim money out of all the Commonwealth countries
in money plays that also damage Russia.
Soros is under a continuing arrest warrant with Russia.
He shows up anywhere in their orbit 
he’s going to jail & never getting out 
for financial crimes against Russia.
He’s done a lot of his operations through Ukraine 💥



Lara Logan
Fauci & Gates Were WRONG: 
America Suffered With the Jab 
While African Nations Thrived WITHOUT IT 


🇺🇸 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
“I would ask any of my fellow Democrats 
who are supporting Fauci;
his record is the WORST of any country
the WORST record in the world..

We have 4.2% of the Global population in the USA
& we had 17 or 18% of Global Covid DEATHS.
The death rate in America was in the Top 10 in the World.

USA had 2800 Covid-DEATHS per million people
African Nations had 200 Covid-DEATHS per million 
Nigeria had 15 Covid-DEATHS per million

Tony Fauci & Bill Gates said, 
‘These African Nations will be wiped out
you need to get them all vaccines!!’..

Nigeria has the highest Malaria burden in the world
It also has the highest burden of River Blindness

Could that explain this incredible record against Covid?” 💥



🇬🇧 theyorkshirelassnews
Evergrande went to 0 today

“BlackRock & Vanguard are among 
the largest shareholders in Evergrande 
that have posted $100s of million$ of $ ’s in *paper* losses 
following a more than 80% share price drop 
in the *Chinese* property developer.”
– fnlondon, 9-28-21

🦅🇺🇸 President & Commander-in-Chief Trump’s EO’s

EO 13959
Nov 12, 2020
Executive Order 13959-Addressing the Threat From Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies


EO 13848
Sept. 12, 2018
Executive Order 13848-Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election


“Illiquid” refers to the state of a stock, bond, or other assets 
that cannot easily & readily be sold or exchanged for cash 
without a substantial loss in value 💥

😻 If you had to hunker down for a month are you ready? ❤️‍🔥



3-23-23 JUAN O SAVIN
w/Meri Crouley


14:47 Juan
Aleister Crowley wrote a book called THE MOON CHILD
to be this ROSEMARY’S BABY type of thing
where the devil himself would
take possession of a body or a soul.
He was doing work for MI6 British Intelligence as a paid agent.
He was thought to be just this lunatic nut out there.
But for example, Hitler had his palm raised
in a defiant pose for “Heil Hitler.”
Winston Churchill asked Crowley
what would be a way to defeat that in the Spiritual Realm
that would be recognized by the other people.
So Crowley came back & said the “Peace” sign.
The Peace sign divides & breaks that wall before you.
So that’s when Churchill started with the Peace sign
& they were doing Spiritual signing back & forth.
That’s the greatest risk in America right now.
There’s an attempt 
to get us to fight each other in every area 🕊


Alistar Crowley’s Work was Based Upon the Life and Work of John Dee who Lived During the Elizabethan Era and he had the Largest Private Occult Library in Europe and maybe the World.
There is Speculation that the Sinking of the Spanish Armada in a Sudden Unexpected Storm when it was on the way to England, may have been caused by Black Magic Perpetuated by John Dee, who was an Advisor to Queen Elizabeth.  
There is also Speculation that Barbara Bush, is the Son of Alistar Crowley in Drag. Sounds Bizzare but I Always Thought Barbara Bush as very Masculine and when you compare Pics of them Side by Side they are an Exact Match.
As Always, Use Your Own Discerment.
NOTHING Surprises Me Anymore!221

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Kat istheSea3  @KatistheSea3

24 March, 02:14

In response Craig Robert Steele to his Publication

Right there with you, Craig,
re ‘Barbara’ Bush 
& Crowly one of the most evil demons EVER.
GHWB being another monster most foul.
So NOTHING surprises me anymore either.

If you have time
listen to 10 minutes of Rachel Hamm’s 
Angel prophecy — it’s AWESOME 👊😼


Ty Samadhi.

Churchill thought he was countering that energy
with HIS sign.
So they were Spiritually signing back & forth.

Juan said, jokingly, in the video,
“You know, it’s rock, paper, scissors,
if you do the Peace sign that divides
& breaks that wall before you.” 🙏🏻🕊


In response Mama Tee to her Publication


👇 Enchanted Mermaid



In response some one special to some to her Publication

I suspect this monster is long gone
either by “natural causes” or execution,
but I don’t KNOW for fact.

I imagine Soros would be a deep state demon
QTeam would want to remove ASAP 💥

Nobody escapes this.



In the 2022 Election I voted for Rachel Hamm 
for Sec of State of CA.
But the DS ignored the actual vote & installed THEIR candidate(s).

Happily the TRUE Vote is going to be restored soon
given Kari Lake’s triumph in AZ,
& Juan O Savin’s refrain “2020 ain’t over,”
& POTUS is returning in 2023.

Rachel & her son, Ezekiel, received a message from an Angel
that they were directed to deliver on March 13, 2023
& in this video they deliver it.

I know very little about prophecy but I BELIEVE Rachel.
It echoes Project Odin where many demon structures
are going to be demolished by the Rods of God weapon.

Rachel’s Angel goes much further.
When Q says “Biblical” THIS is BIBLICAL x ∞

Global Digital Soldiers know the vomitus, heinous crimes
& the question is — WHY is this continuing?

Well, God is going to put an end to it right quick in May 👊🕊

Angel Message starts @ 18 minutes




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