March 22, 2023: Don’t Make Any Plans; They Will Change [videos] – March 23, 2023


The drama these days is over the top and the White Hats have the dirtbag cabalists running around in a panic. Their banks are burning, their plans to arrest and indict Trump are met with severe opposition even from Democrats, and their plans are just not going the way they would like—to the point of ridicule.



—  Minxy  (@lrish_Minx) March 22, 2023

And just before press time, this came out:


Turn out the lights – the party’s over.


— Catturd  (@catturd2) March 22, 2023

Q the Storm Rider posted an update saying Thursday is probably when things will reconvene in New York. Link to Telegram.

I can’t wait to hear more about Trump’s repeated references to April Fools Day in his CPAC speech. I can already see a few people who look like fools.

With respect to the potential protests in support of President Trump and the current witch hunt, Professor David K. Clements responded to the caution and the hesitancy to get out en masse with other patriots. He has strong feelings about the right to protest and carry weapons. Link to Telegram.

He responded thusly:

I’m seeing all the hot takes on “how to protest without getting arrested,” or whether to protest at all.

Patriotism rooted in the fear of what a tyrant may do in response is not patriotism. It’s self-preservation bordering on cowardice being masked as wisdom.

Freedom is worth being arrested for. It’s worth being imprisoned for. It’s worth dying for.

Count the costs, and take responsibility for your decision.

But stop acting like your advice is anything more than a cover for what it really is.

If you won’t stand today, you won’t stand tomorrow. You will never stand.

I would rather cast off the chains of mental slavery and sit in a cage, then pretend there is a safe way to exercise rights against a tyrant.

And concerning arms and the right to bear them…

Now substitute the First Amendment right to peacefully protest with the Second Amendment right to bear arms….

If a “law” was “passed” to confiscate your firearm, I could see the same talking heads urging you to do the safe incremental “thing.”

“Let them take one gun, but hide one away.”

“But in the meantime, write a scathing letter to your US Congressman letting them know how disappointed you are.”

After all, if it’s too dangerous to protest, it logically follows that it’s too dangerous to escalate matters with gun ownership when the government has bigger weapons.

Now examine all of your rights this way.

Friends, if you are too afraid to exercise your rights, you have already lost them.

That last line was a real zinger, was it not?

The problem with the globalist agenda is that the masses don’t see it as an agenda. It’s unrolled so gradually and incrementally over decades that they don’t recognize it for what it is. Then they wrap it up with bows and flowery language and make it sound like it’s a noble and ethical thing to do. People need to get with the programme and see these plans for what they are. We need to stop feeling guilty because they make everything about race and political correctness and inclusivity when those are just ploys.

The controllers on our planet know that unique cultures do not always mesh well. In fact, one can destroy another. They are intentionally unloading middle-eastern extremists into America and Canada to destroy our western cultures. They have been doing it for many decades already and it has to stop NOW.

Mass immigration has nothing to do with freedom. It is social engineering. 

It’s a policy imposed by globalist elites to forcibly change our culture and society, as opposed to how it would organically and gradually adapt and evolve with sustainable immigration. 

It destroys…

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) March 21, 2023

Here in Scottsdale, Arizona it appears they are incrementally preparing for a 15-minute city by paring down road lanes to make room for bike lanes, making it sound like it’s for the better health of the community. No one is going to get measurably healthier if the food, water, earth, and sky are all toxic. Link to Telegram.

FYI: At tonight’s [Scottsdale] city council meeting, members
APPROVED the ROAD DIET PLAN for 68th St. As a result, 4 lanes of roadway will be reduced
to 2, and bike lanes will be added to replace the road lanes.

Strap yourselves in, this is just the beginning. And, take note of how your advocates voted [see pic]…

P.S. Linda Milhaven (a past council member, who is planning a run for Mayor) spoke in FAVOR of this project during the public comment section.

Rep. Chaplik ( Scottsdale is rapidly going down the path of failed leftist cities.

Like Portland, who voted for the same “road diet.”

This is how you become Portland.

Even in Nigeria they are forced to use a QR digital signature to get fresh water. Unbelievable.


Fresh water  is only available with a RF code! 


 Nigeria is the first country in the world to introduce CBDCs and other African countries are particularly eager to implement the Klaus Schwab 2030 Agenda.

— vegastar (@vegastarr) March 20, 2023

Michael Jaco has a more reserved idealogy for supporting Trump that excludes protests, as discussed in his update below. Dave, of the X22 Reportrecommends all Americans display the flag anywhere and everywhere to show support for President Trump; homes, vehicles, clothing, public transit—everywhere.

I am seeing Putin in a few places wearing the most impish grins. Mr. Pool shared this one. Link to Telegram.

Perhaps it had to do with this? Link to video on Telegram from George News. Xi + Putin = Peace

A video appeared on the networks in which Xi Jinping says goodbye to Putin, before leaving, he says:

“Changes are coming that have not happened for 100 years. And we are promoting these changes together. Where we are united, there is peace.”

What other plans to the unelected global control freaks have in mind for us?

We understand the WEF wants influencers to convince we westerners to have only one child per white family. Link to article at The EU Times below. Are you aware of how much the Caucasian sector of the world population has shrunk in recent decades? What’s wrong with white people?

What is scary about this piece is the growing number of voices within the academic elite that feel the same way as Dr. Conly. A similar piece written by Thomas Bartlett appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education. While these are just two voices, they are beating the drum of many that believe that American society needs to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the number of feet in American homes.

WEF Says US Must Implement ‘One Child Policy’ For White Families

There certainly are a lot of fires, explosions, and train derailments.

Crews extinguish massive fire after ‘bleve explosion’ reported at Pasadena chemical plant

A fire at a school in Pennsylvania caused the injury of one firefighter out of 120 of them.

Roof collapses as fire destroys Catholic school in Chestnut Hill

There was an AMTRAK passenger train derailment in California after hitting a tree. Fortunately no injuries.

Amtrak Train With Dozens Of Passengers Derails Near Port Costa, California

And the bank fire in London was interesting after HSBC acquired the Silicon Valley Bank recently.

VIDEO: HSBC Bank In London Went On Fire Friday And Has Ties To Silicon Valley Bank

96-mile caravan in Arizona to show support for President Trump; Arizonans know who they voted for, and who won the election

Before we go, we have a Trump appreciation Entheos post from Telegram we would do well to remember:

The American People Stand With You President Trump

90+ mile Trump caravans and world record setting boat parades

Most LEGAL VOTES in United States history twice (2016/2020)

Biggest rallies in history breaking attendance records set by Hall of Fame musicians

and you don’t even play an instrument – unheard of

Nobody has ever seen such things in their lifetime

You’ve successfully inspired the most broad reaching and consequential political movement in history

Millions of people (forgotten men and women) have stepped out boldly and courageously because you set the example. That includes other world leaders and citizens across the world yearning to be free.

Something very special has been happening and we hope that everyone pauses what they’re doing once in a while to appreciate how historic this period truly is.

Thank you Mr. President
Thank you First Lady Melania
Thank you to the entire Trump family

And finally, before I sign off, a little from the woo-woo side of life. You may have heard there was an earthquake near Delhi, India and someone posted video of odd light in the sky of many shifting colours. They called them EQL or earthquake lights in the video at this Telegram.

#BREAKING | Massive Tremors Felt In Kashmir, Chandigarh And Delhi#Earthquake

— Republic (@republic) March 21, 2023

There was also talk of a quake off the coast of San Diego, California and a resident recorded those bizarre trumpet sounds again. They say Ireland, too, but I don’t know when that quake took place as there are so many on this tracker. The sounds are crazy, though. Some say its the boring machines creating new tunnels.

Small earthquake in San Diego followed by horns. reports of same in Ireland.


—  𝐌𝐚𝐦𝐚 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐫  𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐚 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐫 (@suddenly_died) March 21, 2023

Gotta run. See you next time. Thank you to the crew for the great info in the comments and keeping us on track.  ~ BPComment

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