The Totally Peaceful, Legal, and Anonymous Gridlock Solution to Protesting Trump’s Arrest ~ March 20, 2023


Very early tomorrow morning every MAGA person in driving range of Manhattan pack something to eat for the day and get in your car or truck, fill it up with gas and just head for downtown Manhattan. Do not wear any MAGA gear or display any MAGA (or any political identification) on your vehicle…NO FLAGS!! Make sure that you are totally non-descript…just a regular person driving a car or truck as a part of life. Try to leave early enough to avoid the rush hour.

Once in Manhattan, just drive towards the central downtown area which is pretty much everything south of 30th Street and centered on Broadway. Once you are in this area just keep driving around in the area or as close as you can get to it. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET OUT OF YOUR CAR OR TRUCK AND DO NOT HONK YOUR HORN OR MAKE ANY OTHER REPRESENTATION OF YOURSELF OR YOUR VEHICLE THAN THAT YOU ARE THERE FOR ANY OTHER REASON THAN DRIVING TO SOME DESTINATION IN NEW YORK CITY. BEWARE OF ANY PERSON ON THE STREET OR IN A VEHICLE THAT ATTEMPTS TO DRAW YOU OUT AS TO YOUR REASON FOR BEING THERE. I don’t know what you can do about going to the bathroom, you’ll have to get creative on that one…try fasting for the day so you won’t have anything in you. Most importantly, stay in your car and be silent and totally law abiding.

If enough of us do this, say 200,000 or so vehicles, it will create a peaceful protest in the tradition of Mahatma Ghandi…totally peaceful, totally legal, totally silent, and impervious to agents provocateurs who will be there en masse to trap us…and it will create a massive gridlock that will show the people of New York that we will not stand for their bald-face attack on our constitutional system of government, which in the end is exactly what it is.

All we have left is our bodies and our peaceful actions that cannot be compromised. Virtually all of the institutions of our government at all levels have been compromised by the globalist cabal and there is no other way for us to react at this point than peaceful protest that cannot be turned on us by what was once our government.



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