RUNNING from PAIN – And when we stop, we find peace – March 18, 2023


Editor’s Note: Running from pain is a common event for most of us. How to make the pain “go away”? We take the easy way out…and go somewhere else!

Ok, it’s good to face your pain, and then “own” it, but what happens next, as pain never quite disappears.

The video below is helpful, yet after identifying and acknowledging my fear, I like to “pat it on the head”, and place in that chair “over there” and let it play by itself, while leaving me alone! In this way, fear is acknowledged and consciously placed out of the way, allowing the ability to move in whatever direction desired!

So…identify, acknowledge your own personal fear, and then Love your fear! Place it “over there”, and KNOW the freedom of BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


We are adept at the avoidance of pain and suffering – we push it away, we pretend it’s not there. And we keep ourselves busy so that we don’t have time to sit and reflect – when bored, we surf social media – when we feel down, we go shopping or watch TV. But running keeps us stuck in spiraling patterns of despair and hopelessness.

And while we may not be responsible for causing the pain, we can be responsible for ending it. And to admit to that and own up to that is a humbling thing to do. You create an opportunity for growth and expansion in your life by taking accountability. You let go of your ego’s dominance over your actions and decisions, and start listening more carefully to that intuitive voice inside.

To run from pain is to run from life itself. Because by embracing difficulty and the challenges it presents, is how we grow and improve as humans. So let’s learn to accept it as a part of life. It’s this that will make us whole again.

Filmed in McGregor, South Africa.

Featuring Sung-Yee (Sy) Tchao.


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