Clown Planet News (17 March, 2023): Trump Arrest? Drones in Crimea, Bank Issues Bringing CBDCs ~ March 18, 2023



14 thoughts on “Clown Planet News (17 March, 2023): Trump Arrest? Drones in Crimea, Bank Issues Bringing CBDCs ~ March 18, 2023

  1. Drones over Crimea, the Moon Landing, China Balloons, Spinning Globe, Parkland
    Shooting, the Challenger, Sandy Hook: Ready for Red Pill, yet?


    1. Some would rather take the blue pill and go back to their so called normality of life. Their Jaws will hit the ground on disclosure.


  2. › questions › 31220 › can-a-sitting-u-s-president-be-imprisoned-without-impeachment
    “Can a sitting U.S. president be imprisoned without impeachment?
    A sitting U.S. president can not be indicted for federal crimes as a matter of constitutional separation of powers and DOJ policy, among other reasons. The president’s constitutional protections and powers (e.g., pardon power, etc.) do not extend to the state level. For example, POTUS can pardon people (including himself) on federal crimes.” Plot thickens. Mystery intensifies.
    End is NEAR. “Buckle up, buttercups!”


  3. It is all a matter of dimensionality: 5D entities are “interdimensional,” the lower
    dimensions have not ascended, yet. Therefore, they are stuck and disabled: they neither
    see nor hear. Focus upon why we came here in the first place and avoid distractions as much as
    possible. Let the Universe do its work in them. It is an individual driven interior job: As above,
    so below. Rejoice in knowing that we are free and sovereign beings ! Oh My !
    What Ecstasy !


      1. From Lisa Renee:

        Mastering Self Discipline in the Chaos

        “These are tumultuous times in which we are currently living and co-existing with great forces of dark spiritual opposition exerting tremendous pressure upon truth seekers, those awakening and those consciously devoted to serve the Christos Mission. The war over consciousness has accelerated into theatrical absurdity where all corruption is being exposed for those with eyes to see, as the final battle between the archetypal forces of good versus evil takes place. There are no individuals that remain unaffected, as a segment of the asleep and unaware population is rapidly descending into the mass confusion generated by the downward spirals of colossal corruption, lies and depravity. These are the demoralizing power tools of the spirits of the anti-Christ, through which its satanic and luciferian permutations are running rampant, unleashed throughout the Controller Pillars of society. Currently in its last gasps, these forces are struggling to maintain their iron grip while the global technological financial control machinery they have so meticulously planned for is coming unglued. ” Hear ye. Hear Ye: a message to our Christos Family!!


  4. News
    Mass Psychosis – How An Entire Population Can Become Mentally Ill!!

    Indian in the machine

    Mar 19

    Read more of this post “Mass Psychosis – How An Entire Population Can Become Mentally Ill!!”

    Read more of this post


  5. › mass-psychosis-how-an-entire-population-can-become-mentally-ill
    Mass Psychosis – How An Entire Population Can Become Mentally Ill!!
    TodayMarch 19, 2023 Some Guy! IITM: Let’s keep it simple… mass psychosis is basically a society that results, without God consciousness, and we can see all throughout society, there is an unspoken rule, that humans can come up with better choices than God can.


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