THE GREAT BANK RUN PSYOP OF 2023 ~ March 17, 2023


Submitted by The Armchair Financial Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

These are the 3 primary reasons why the Khazarian Cabal is forcing the closure of specific banking institutions before all banks are taken over by Big Government.

It ought to be obvious by now that certain banks are being targeted for termination, yes?!

In point of fact, there are three main categories of banks now being systematically shut down.

First, there are the cryptocurrency-friendly banks which provide massive liquidity for the crypto-traders here, there and everywhere. Without these cooperative banks, which facilitate billions upon billions of dollars of crypto-trades, the cryptocurrency industry is greatly hampered especially with regard to executing large transactions expeditiously. The NWO globalist cabal wants all crypto, particularly Bitcoin, gone—FOREVER…

…Secondly, there are the many vulnerable independent banks which the Too Big To Fail banks want removed from the marketplace before the long-planned controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System begins. All of the TBTF banks want those depositors quite badly in order to compensate for losing so many customers since the banksters have been outed…

…Thirdly, there is a very stealthy NWO conspiratorial plot afoot to completely remove all paper currency and metal coinage from the entire planetary civilization. The cabal is especially determined to strip Americans of their money that is not kept in the banks, both personal and commercial (this is really why Biden hired 87,000 armed IRS agents). Therefore, with these well-planned bank closures, they have begun the process of closing every bank with a storefront across the USA…

The entire U.S. Banking Industry is being prepared for a total takeover by the U.S. Federal Government…

The Khazarian Cabal knows that the only way forward to a fully functioning One World Government is via a One World Currency…


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