Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 18, 2023


Compiled Sat. 18 March 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty-two multiple personalities”

The Storm is Upon Us
Stock Market —> Strained
173 Banks —> Failed this Week

It is only wise to store at least a month’s worth of food, water, cash and essential items.

“Where do I Fit In?”
…Hinge Point

Judy Note: We are in a Black Swan Global Economic Crisis Event due to failure of the Central Banking System. There were 173 Banks around the World that failed this week – and went unreported by the Mainstream Media.

Our Financial System has been functioning on fiat US Dollars since at least 2008. That’s when the Cabal had not only used up all of the US gold, but couldn’t even pay interest on the gold they borrowed from the Chinese Elders to set up the US financial system in the early 1900s.

Back in 2008 and in order to save the World from economic disaster, BRICS was formed to switch nations of the World to a more stable gold/ asset-backed system.

Now the Cabal has created a financial crisis they wanted you to bow down to their Great Reset. The Great Reset would control every aspect of your life by forcing you to buy food and services only through accessing your digital fiat currency account via your Mark of the Beast tattoo.

Only the BRICS nation’s Global Currency Reset to gold/ asset-backed currencies across the Globe could save us from the Cabal and their long ago planned Global Economic Disaster.

Judy Note: I apologize for publishing a Wed. 15 March section in my Update titled “How to use the new Quantum Financial System Universal Digital Currencies” – information that was now believed to be bogus, as was the website: Q) The Storm Rider on Telegram gave me the information and was vigorously promoting what now appeared to be a scam that was in no way connected to the Quantum Financial System. Unfortunately, there were nefarious ones who tracked our communication, our Intel exchanges and various updates – including mine. Their number one goal appeared to be exploiting our weaknesses and doing us harm.

This Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as published on Dinar Chronicles/Operation Disclosure, has been redacted. For an un-redacted version see a PDF copy at the report’s end.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Mon. 20 March was the first day of Spring and Barron Trump’s birthday. According to Bruce, next Monday was also when Bond Holders would have access to their accounts and whenISO 20022 legislation would be enacted – that had a lot to do with not only Crypto, but all country’s currencies being fully digitally integrated with the QFS, plus before noon on Mon. 20 March Tier 4b (Us, the Internet Group) was expected to receive notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments.
  • Juan O Savin has said that NESARA/GESARA should be announced by or before Sat. April 1.
  • Fri. 17 March RV Update by Okie (not OkieOilMan) via Twitter: This RV of 166 countries is happening now. The US Treasury received word that all systems are Green to Go. There are no more hold ups or delays. …We have been given permission to land and are now in a final approach with the airport and destination in sight and should be landing momentarily. We should have you at the gate in a very short time now. Rates are locked in at the banks and Forex. When activated, I will advise. There was not a posting time for the rate – any time now. I would like to thank you for flying the IQD Airlines and thank you for your patronage and patience in our delays experienced in the past.”
  • Mon. Evening 13 March Two High Up Contacts: The new rates are locked in on Bank Screens; Tier 1 has already gone; Tier 2 is processing right now and Tier 4 (including Us, the Internet Group) will likely go within a couple of days.
  • Thurs. 16 March Bruce: ISO 20022 legislation will supposedly be enacted on Monday 20 – that had a lot to with not only Crypto, but nation’s of the World being fully digitally integrated with the QFS.  Bond Holders were scheduled to receive their Quantum Access Cards by Fedex on Sat. 18 March or Sun. 19 March and would have access to their accounts on Mon. 20 March, or Tues. 21 March. Before noon on Mon. 20 March Tier 4b should receive our exchange appointments. Juan O Savin has said that NESARA/GESARA should be announced by or before Sat. April 1.
  • Thurs. 16 March MarkZ: “Most of the chatter out of Iraq is looking at this weekend… Most of my sources are still looking at the 20th. It would be poetic for it to happen on that date. I’m pretty sure Kuwait went on March 22nd.
  • Tues. 14 March Rod Steel: Iraqi Dinar is International IN COUNTRY-in other words Iraqis can use their Dinar internationally.
  • As of Friday 10 March, banking systems have been able to use the new Unified Payment Interface (UPI) on the QFS for foreign currency swaps. 

Restored Republic:

  • Wed. 15 March Brunson Petition: “Okay, so we sent the 3rd petition to the US Supreme Court 10 days ago (overnight express) and it finally arrived in Washington D.C. this morning at 1:32am.  USPS is claiming “weather conditions” as to the reason for the delay.  Anyway, it looks like through their claims department I won’t be charged for shipping (oh wow man) but at least it arrived in the city!  Next, the Office of the Clerk will sign for it, and then they will let us know if they are willing to put it on the docket.  I’ll let you know!”
  • JFK Secrets on Telegram: “Corroborated now by 3 people in my sphere, and my own research. In my assessment, it is now my very strong belief that: SCOTUS has accepted the Brunson case in a 5-4 decision, and will hear it. SCOTUS will rule on the merits of the case, not the posturing of it. The US Military is involved in the background with this process, and made contact with the Supreme Court in the last 7 days.” #NothingCanStopWhatIsComing #WWG1WGA “It must go through the Courts. It must carry weight” Q
  • Help save your right to vote in fair and free elections by adding your name to the Brunson Petition, adding the wording for the Justices “Misprision of Treason” through sending an Affidavit to SCOTUS. Those Affidavits that included the wording “Misprision” seemed to have had a significant impact. In this case Misprision meant that Congress may have committed Treason by not investigating claims of 2020 Election Fraud. If SCOTUS was aware of that Election Fraud and didn’t do anything about it, then those Judges too, could be guilty of committing Treason. Patriots worldwide can help Save the US Constitution by Adding their name to the Brunson Petition. See:
  • Wed. 15 March SGAnon: “There have been Military Operations at the Supreme Court…Over the last twenty years the Supreme Court has been involved in very serious Money Laundering, Corruption and Treason….Chief Justice Roberts has been involved in a massive Child Trafficking Ring right there in Washington DC….We have video of at least one Supreme Court Justice leaving the Supreme Court Building in handcuffs.”

163 Rothschild Banks in controlled collapse, including the US Federal Reserve:

  • Since Fri. 10 March the unrealized losses of US Banks that have failed – including the now officially bankrupt mega big Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) – was over two trillion dollars, meaning that two hundred more US banks would fail if people asked to withdraw their money. Two of the three big banks that failed last week were the main source of Crypto Currency. Now Credit Suisse– a “Too Big To Fail” Cabal Bank in Switzerland – was collapsing.
  • On Fri. 17 March a big fire broke out in the center of English Loughborough: the building of HSBC bank, which recently bought the British division of the bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank.
  • ‘Too Big To Fail’ European Bank on Brink of Collapse: A Bank in Europe is Literally on the Brink of Collapse | Dinar Chronicles
  • Silicon Valley Bank has officially filed for bankruptcy.
  • Bank Stocks Price Crash: (First Republic Bank, Western Alliance & More) Several bank stocks are crashing this morning, including First Republic Bank, Western Alliance, and more, in the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank closings.
  • Silicon Valley Bank when under, Israel made a big profit and New Hampshire is the biggest fentanyl cartel in the states, just listen to Brendon O’Connell. At 45 minutes they bring up two former New Hampshire Attorney General’s, Michael Delaney and Joseph Foster, who were involved as front men and let things go for the drug running involving SVB as they were directors of Boston Private Bank & Trust Company. Thus BPB&TC is a ‘Foreign Profit Corporation’ and their agent’s name is ‘C T Corporation System’ a multi-billion dollar private equity fund that shares an office with someone else in a warehouse.

The Real News for Fri. 17 March 2023:

  • Med Beds: 
  • FRANCE: Paris continues to burn as the French Revolution against government pension reform continues.
  • East Palestine, Ohio woman reveals that LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics have discontinued their blood dioxin test following the hazardous train derailment. Vanguard, BlackRock and Norfolk Southern are a few of the labs’ largest shareholders.
  • Hunter Biden Sues Laptop Repairman:
  • International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Russian President Putin for war crimes in Ukraine.
  • The Ethiopian Bible is the most complete Bible on Earth. It’s 800 years older than the King James version and contains 81-88 books, compared to 66 of the King James.
  • JFK warned US all. President John F. Kennedy spoke out against corruption in intelligence agencies, secret societies, and the military industrial complex. He refused to sign “Operation Northwoods,” the CIA False Flag Plan to start military conflict with Cuba (look it up). President Kennedy stood up against the machine, and paid the ultimate price for it.
  • Hitler was alive until 2021: Trump declassified the JFK Files that show “Adolf HITLER is still alive” – which is exactly why Rusty Shackleford made all of those posts about OPERATION VALKYRIE IS IN EFFECT – which was the operation to take out Hitler & the Nazi’s. “The truth will SHOCK the world.” Regarding this, Q said, “and this is why, the 4th Reich survived up until 2021.”
  • Edison’s Electric Car could go 1000 miles with his “new” at that time battery, 1910. New York. More than 110 years ago we had electric cars that had 1000 miles run batteries on a single charge, which is at least 2-3 times better than today’s best electric car battery. Back in the day they didn’t use Lithium batteries, instead they used Sodium ion batteries which were much more powerful, safer and cleaner for production and environment.

Banks are hiding at least $620 billion in losses, creating a ticking time bomb of financial disaster. (Author unknown)

  • IT’S MUCH WORSE THAN THIS, but it’s important to understand what’s happening BEHIND THE DEEP STATE SCENES.
  • The loss is Two Trillion worldwide, but hold on – this is a little confusing to understand because the money doesn’t really EXIST. (That’s why when you go to the bank to check out 50,000 or hundred thousand or perhaps a million dollars of your own money, you are denied, and if approved it could take weeks, or months.
  • 90% of Banks have no real money in stock to give one person over a million dollars in cash, they have only daily transferred funds between stores and banks/ atms daily use average of about 1.2 million in cash and the federal reserve doesn’t give them any more.
  • So what’s happening with all the 2 TRILLION$ MISSING$$ the past week? (only 620 million is being reported in MSM).
    (When a politician steals or is given 10 million that money is multiplied X10 in political arena’s ( the lie of having more money then they actual have is how the banks and governments run none existing money and create pyramid scams>  Ponzi scheme> financial FRAUD and create FAKE money through DIGITAL system that has no money or real value just empty numbers. Empty lies.
  • That’s why Switzerland, ROTHSCHILDs, ROCKEFELLERS, ISRAEL,. Top BLACKROCK CEOs VANGUARD and VATICAN have all pulled as much money as they can from their FAKE BANKS.
  • They took what they could in gold, silver and crates of money. As they pull their money before the continuing COLLAPSE they pushed their investment firms to sell more stocks and prop up a FAKE FALSE ECONOMY.
  • THEY ARE CLAMORING for any money they can get at this moment and hide. Their world banks don’t have the funds to finance the banks, or world banking systems and pay the debts, or health industries, or government sectors.
  • They are running out of money to pay the BLACKMAILED REGIMEN THEY CREATED AND CONTROL AND PROMISED TO MAKE THEN ALL WEALTHY millions of BILLIONAIRES are turning on the backing infrastructure and system.
  • Nobody would be allowed to talk about corrupt central banking system.
  • CBDC would control humans and ban you from using your own money and allow you only to buy essential things. You could not withdrawn thousands of dollars without Central Banking approval.
  • CBDC would control SOCIAL Media completely and all need agencies and SOURCES completely and anyone speaking out against the NWO CBDC would have their money frozen, or arrested. Imprisoned or killed and complete control of the world would continue through a FAKE Deep State CBDC empty system that was created by the same FAKE FIAT World banking system.
  • So currently the world big banks are eating all the small banks. The BIG BANKS will be centralized into one system CBDC and this would hide the world CORRUPTION banking system. And hide all the corruption connected to human trafficking network, money laundering, money going to [DS] Military industrial complex systems to create wars and money going to labs across the world FUNDING bio-weapons and the continuing mass murdering of world societies through genocide deep state OPERATIONS would continue.
  • Fortunately TRUMP, PUTIN, XI, BIN SALMAN, MUSK and MIL ALLIANCE have Operation The Storm.

163 Rothschild Banks in controlled collapse, including the US Federal Reserve:

Afghanistan: Bank of Afghanistan

Albania: Bank of Albania

Algeria: Bank of Algeria

Argentina: Central Bank of Argentina

Armenia: Central Bank of Armenia

Aruba: Central Bank of Aruba

Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia

Austria: Austrian National Bank

Azerbaijan: Central Bank of Azerbaijan Republic

Bahamas: Central Bank of The Bahamas

Bahrain: Central Bank of Bahrain

Bangladesh: Bangladesh Bank

Barbados: Central Bank of Barbados

Belarus: National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Belgium: National Bank of Belgium

Belize: Central Bank of Belize

Benin: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Bermuda: Bermuda Monetary Authority

Bhutan: Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

Bolivia: Central Bank of Bolivia

Bosnia: Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Botswana: Bank of Botswana

Brazil: Central Bank of Brazil

Bulgaria: Bulgarian National Bank

Burkina Faso: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Burundi: Bank of the Republic of Burundi

Cambodia: National Bank of Cambodia

Came Roon: Bank of Central African States

Canada: Bank of Canada – Banque du Canada

Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Central African Republic: Bank of Central African States

Chad: Bank of Central African States

Chile: Central Bank of Chile

China: The People’s Bank of China

Colombia: Bank of the Republic

Comoros: Central Bank of Comoros

Congo: Bank of Central African States

Costa Rica: Central Bank of Costa Rica

Côte d’Ivoire: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Croatia: Croatian National Bank

Cuba: Central Bank of Cuba

Cyprus: Central Bank of Cyprus

Czech Republic: Czech National Bank

Denmark: National Bank of Denmark

Dominican Republic: Central Bank of the Dominican Republic

East Caribbean Area: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Ecuador: Central Bank of Ecuador

Egypt: Central Bank of Egypt

El Salvador: Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador

Equatorial Guinea: Bank of Central African States

Estonia: Bank of Estonia

Ethiopia: National Bank of Ethiopia

European Union: European Central Bank

Fiji: Reserve Bank of Fiji

Finland: Bank of Finland

France: Bank of France

Gabon: Bank of Central African States

The Gambia: Central Bank of The Gambia

Georgia: National Bank of Georgia

Germany: Deutsche Bundesbank

Ghana: Bank of Ghana

Greece: Bank of Greece

Guatemala: Bank of Guatemala

Guinea Bissau: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Guyana: Bank of Guyana

Haiti: Central Bank of Haiti

Honduras: Central Bank of Honduras

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Hungary: Magyar Nemzeti Bank

Iceland: Central Bank of Iceland

India: Reserve Bank of India

Indonesia: Bank Indonesia

Iran: The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Iraq: Central Bank of Iraq

Ireland: Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland

Israel: Bank of Israel

Italy: Bank of Italy

Jamaica: Bank of Jamaica

Japan: Bank of Japan

Jordan: Central Bank of Jordan

Kazakhstan: National Bank of Kazakhstan

Kenya: Central Bank of Kenya

Korea: Bank of Korea

Kuwait: Central Bank of Kuwait

Kyrgyzstan: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

Latvia: Bank of Latvia

Lebanon: Central Bank of Lebanon

Lesotho: Central Bank of Lesotho

Libya: Central Bank of Libya (Their most recent conquest)

Uruguay: Central Bank of Uruguay

Lithuania: Bank of Lithuania

Luxembourg: Central Bank of Luxembourg

Macao: Monetary Authority of Macao

Macedonia: National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia

Madagascar: Central Bank of Madagascar

Malawi: Reserve Bank of Malawi

Malaysia: Central Bank of Malaysia

Mali: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Malta: Central Bank of Malta

Mauritius: Bank of Mauritius

Mexico: Bank of Mexico

Moldova: National Bank of Moldova

Mongolia: Bank of Mongolia

Montenegro: Central Bank of Montenegro

Morocco: Bank of Morocco

Mozambique: Bank of Mozambique

Namibia: Bank of Namibia

Nepal: Central Bank of Nepal

Netherlands: Netherlands Bank

Netherlands Antilles: Bank of the Netherlands Antilles

New Zealand: Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Nicaragua: Central Bank of Nicaragua

Niger: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Nigeria: Central Bank of Nigeria

Norway: Central Bank of Norway

Oman: Central Bank of Oman

Pakistan: State Bank of Pakistan

Papua New Guinea: Bank of Papua New Guinea

Paraguay: Central Bank of Paraguay

Peru: Central Reserve Bank of Peru

Philip Pines: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Poland: National Bank of Poland

Portugal: Bank of Portugal

Qatar: Qatar Central Bank

Romania: National Bank of Romania

Rwanda: National Bank of Rwanda

San Marino: Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino

Samoa: Central Bank of Samoa

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

Senegal: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Serbia: National Bank of Serbia

Seychelles: Central Bank of Seychelles

Sierra Leone: Bank of Sierra Leone

Singapore: Monetary Authority of Singapore

Slovakia: National Bank of Slovakia

Slovenia: Bank of Slovenia

Solomon Islands: Central Bank of Solomon Islands

South Africa: South African Reserve Bank

Spain: Bank of Spain

Sri Lanka: Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Sudan: Bank of Sudan

Surinam: Central Bank of Suriname

Swaziland: The Central Bank of Swaziland

Sweden: Sveriges Riksbank

Switzerland: Swiss National Bank

Tajikistan: National Bank of Tajikistan

Tanzania: Bank of Tanzania

Thailand: Bank of Thailand

Togo: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO)

Tonga: National Reserve Bank of Tonga

Trinidad and Tobago: Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Tunisia: Central Bank of Tunisia

Turkey: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

Uganda: Bank of Uganda

Ukraine: National Bank of Ukraine

United Arab Emirates: Central Bank of United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom: Bank of England

United States: Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Vanuatu: Reserve Bank of Vanuatu

Venezuela: Central Bank of Venezuela

Vietnam: The State Bank of Vietnam

Yemen: Central Bank of Yemen

Zambia: Bank of Zambia

Zimbabwe: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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