Glenn Beck’s In-Depth Report: How They’ll Use the Banking Crisis to Control YOU – video 48 m. Plus my comments ~ March 17, 2023


A few days ago the White House tweeted: “Our economy is moving in the right direction under President Biden’s leadership.” Does it feel that way to you? Or does it feel like the administration is moving it in a direction that ENSLAVES people like you and me? Glenn heads to the chalkboard to show the ACTUAL state of our economy and asks: Were the collapses of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate Capital fluke closures, or were they part of a much larger, systemic problem? And will the Biden admin use the banking crisis to move us closer to nationalization and a central bank digital currency? Forbes magazine editor in chief Steve Forbes tells Glenn that central banks “must NOT have digital currencies.” It will be the ULTIMATE oppression and the end of privacy and freedom as we know it. He also slams the Fed’s moves to “create money out of thin air,” warns the audience of other economic problems yet to come, and reveals the REAL way to fight inflation.

My comment on Epoch Times article on “embracing” digital money:

This is a very deceptive article about a government controlled digital coin system. The only reason a government wants that digital money system is to control the people. In no way shape or form should Americans accept any digital coin or electronic money system.

It is the foot in the door to control what Americans spend, control where they spend it, control the money, or punish you if you say something not politically correct on social media or anti government words, and it controls and takes out taxes, traffic tickets, and inheritances – without permission. It would end up being a total slave system, with no freedom at all.

That was a slick and persuasive article to get Americans to accept digital coins. it is wrong and anti constitutional. We need a silver or gold backed money system, and nothing else will be as fair and honest for the people.

The Epoch Times appears to be very conservative and patriotic, but that is to promote a war against China and any rogue nation that is not controlled by the globalists.
But don’t get me wrong, I am not against taking China and North Korea down. But the globalists are using those nations shamelessly to depopulate the planet, pump up enemies for ulterior motives, and then at the appointed time – declare war on them! It is all contrived and evil.

Both China and North Korea only exist by the controlled financial help they have received by the international bankers for many decades. Which has even financed the creation of nuclear weapons. And who will suffer under those nuclear weapons when war breaks out? We will, all paid for by the globalists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All such honorable men. Not. George Eaton

Title of article in question:
“Don’t Fear Central Bank Digital Currency, Embrace It Instead”


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