Tartaria…Do You Know This Name?


Editor’s Note: Have you heard of Tartaria? This “segment” of human history occurred in a vast part of Asia bounded by the Caspian Sea, the Ural Mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and the northern borders of China, India and Persia, at a time when this region was largely unknown to European geographers.(13th – 19th centuries).

In the video below, made by Matt Roeske, the topic of Tartaria is discussed, an ancient civilization that has been largely erased from history!

The architecture from these times is stunningly beautiful, and copied throughout the world. Unfortunately, many (most, actually) of these historic buildings have since been torn down, still a few pics below are examples.

The Festival Building, St. Louis, 1904

Tartarian Cities – San Francisco

Many theories exist explaining this officially “non-existent” civilization. One theory, which appeals to me, is this civilization having some type of guidance, allowing elaborate and compelling architecture built. Also, this society seems to have known about electricity which explains having a predilection for spires to soaring heights!

What a shame to see so many beautiful examples of buildings discarded and replaced by those who do NOT want the “true” history of Earth known. Humans are creative and inventive souls, always seeking to know and “do” more. In current times, mankind is not encouraged to excel, nor seek higher levels of thought. Investigate the fascinating topic of “Tartaria”, open you mind/heart to “the way it used to BE”, expand past the current limitations we are experiencing on Earth, turn on your own imagination, manifest what you want, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


6 thoughts on “Tartaria…Do You Know This Name?

  1. We in America, had architectural structures that rivaled the beauty & magnificence of any other country in all of Europe. These cabal controllers destroyed them, to hide our history from us, & so that we would pay for energy & gas & oil, for water & food & be enslaved. A few vestiges remain in every major city. The ‘Antiquetech’ aether~energy gathering devices are almost all removed, yet a few on the planet remain, & we can learn how to use them again. This or something better is now on its way.


  2. Tartaria: Incomprehensible, Unfathomable. Physical evidence is there, but
    how and where did the souls go? Were some moved to another dimension?
    I have murky recollections of breatharians, free energy. I am drawn to these.
    The Deta Elis Holding Co. out of Russia sells mini frequency devices to treat
    diseases. I have owned them for five years now. Miraculous way to heal and sustain optimal health. Go research this co. Yep ! Really looking forward to seeing more miracles of Golden Age. The Kingdom is HERE NOW. Access it!
    The ancient Greeks believed that it is done only thru’ ETHER CONNECTION.
    ????? Are we all connected in this Way???


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