Our World Today… – March 16, 2023


Active WAR Mode continues again— 1510 Military Aircrafts are on the transponders TODAY 3/16/2023. 🚨👀🚨



US Banking System is Safe, she says… which means 👉🏽 GET YOUR MONEY OUT ASAP! 💣👀💣

As I’ve said many times, do not allow these criminal institutions hold your assets!

What does LYING under oath to Congress gets you?

Yellen tells Congress US banking system ‘remains sound’


[DS] agent Yellen’s Body language & Energy TELLS ALL. 👇🏽

Lankford Spars with Yellen on Billionaire Bailout Paid for by Oklahoma Community Banks



Dead Cat Bounce — causing LOTS of in-fighting amongst [DS] agents in U.S. & Europe. 🤨😁😂

“If U.S. gets to bail out their banks, we are going to do the same thing!” How long before the REAL implosion goes down?

Credit Suisse shares soar over 18% on Swiss National Bank loan announcement


Credit Suisse Will Borrow Up to $53.7 Billion


Bank of England in emergency talks as crisis deepens at Credit Suisse


Don’t forget how Credit Suisse connects to the Vatican.


Credit Suisse Dragged into Vatican Scandal


Vatican silent on Credit Suisse accounts

200 witnesses to testify in ‘Vatican trial of a century’ on financial scandals

Holy Seet the Vatican is finally DEAD


The vatican RAIDS started in mid 2019


Credit Suisse on Life Support




SVB ‘bail-out’ is causing LOTS of in-fighting amongst [DS] agents in U.S. & Europe. 🤨😁😂

Bank of America rakes in $15 BILLION as panicked customers ditch smaller lenders for ‘too big to fail’ firms in wake of SVB crisis – with ‘goliaths’ like JP Morgan also ‘winning’, analysts say


Dem Rep. Harder: ‘Genie Is out’ after SVB and We’ll Need to Raise Amount of Deposits Protected ‘Pretty Dramatically’ Above $250K


Thiel’s Founders Fund Withdrew Millions From Silicon Valley Bank




The FAA quietly admitting to pilots they have vaq’d-induced heart damage. 🚨👀🚨

Many flights are still having emergency landings for pilot medical emergencies. Airline Industry is a MESS.

The FAA accidentally disclosed more than 2,000 flight records associated with Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets




Glenn Close Will Not Present at the Oscars After Testing Positive for COVID-19


Definitely To Be AVOIDED! 🌹

Andddddd…. There it is folks.

CBDCs starting in America in July of 2023.

“All corners of the country” will be involved.

Get your act together now!




How did Tesla know about point zero energy? 😉

Where did Q ops really come from…… What’s beyond Quantum?


Q The Storm Rider told you 2 years ago that the Deep State Pentagon and CABAL were going to use the Alien invasion agenda during the Ukraine WAR .

_NOW you see that I wasn’t lying and all the people who doubted my reports are returning to my channel


( What I can tell you next is at the DEEPEST/ HIGHEST levels of CLASSIFIED OPERATIONs are going to counter move the [ DS] FAKE ALIEN INVASION PROJECT BLUEBEAM / CIA PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD that is bring the Alien AGENDA.

And real [ DECLAS ] BEGINS on Q post #2222


Are we alone ?




Highest classification.

Consider the vastness of space.



Keep your ears peeled as REAL projects are leaked





… Energy extracted beyond the Molecular structure of things and deep into subatomic energy inside the the vacuum of space.


TESLA is beyond fathom… But you will understand in time coming

>The best is yet to come



4 thoughts on “Our World Today… – March 16, 2023

  1. Remember, false flags. The government has been EXTREMELY protective of UFOs, now it’s sending out warnings of a mothership? The word warning alone is enough to say psyop.


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