Telegram Tonight – March 12, 2023


The Qperation Summary — an Alliance, composed of 22 nations, is an ongoing Military Qperation to liberate humanity from a hidden & sinister matrix of the world’s richest & highest families, that has enslaved humans for centuries. All public scenarios in political, financial & pharmaceutical are part of the Qperation. The wuflu is a biological attack by the corporate matrix on Earth citizens, but also counter-attacked by The Alliance to remove & awaken the public from a dark trance.

Earth is being purged of a corrupt matrix, interplanetary human/child/sex trafficking, mk-ultra mind spells, genetic manipulation & destruction of the body — for decades & YES the LIGHT is now WINNING. The new energy on Earth will not sustain dark physical creations that have plagued us. What we are witnessing is the collapse of the matrix — military industrial complex, political & law enforcement system, financial system, education & science institution, media, tech, food industry, medical & big pharma.

Everything is connected — SEC/FTX & crypto fraud to upcoming regulation, China & btc manipulations, China vs SE Asian countries, evergrande & Suez Canal in silk road shut down, financial squeeze on banks & wall street, money laundering schemes, billionaire asset sale, Russia & Ukraine, pedo joe admin & fake White House anomalies, election fraud & audits, Myanmar & Haiti, Iran & Israel, wuflu & vaQ agenda, crash & burn of entertainment, BAAlenciaga & satanic fashion exposure, step-downs & deaths of high profiles, media fear porn/dismissal of Q/racial division/staged injustice, staged riots, shootings & events.

Old babylon as we know it is over

Old central bank/swift replaced by QFS/ISO Metals

Old maritime law/social replaced by Natural Law

Old medical replaced by Tesla/Rife Tech

Old energy replaced by Tesla Free Energy

Old tech replaced by 6,000 Tech Patents

Old AI replaced by Organic Sovereign Beings

The MOST important thing to do is take extra care & LOVE yourself. Stay in your Heart Center, in the Eye of the Storm — zero point energy, flow state, inner child energy & higher timelines. This energy further dissolves the matrix power. The transfer of wealth & power back to organic Earth citizens & countries are manifesting right now. Hold the LIGHT!

The Plan to Save the World from The Deep State

General Paul E. Vallely talks about who is Q


It’s actually already being dealt with. This will all be revealed to the public soon ✨👁✨



The new list of 10 approved ISO20022 compliant blockchains. 💰👀💰













POWERFUL 4 Year Delta — March 12th. ⚡️👀⚡️

Returning ‘POWER’ to the PEOPLE.

Returning ‘THE RULE OF LAW’ to OUR LAND.






When the Higher (47) Energy has wiped you out! 😜⚡️😁

Love & take extra care of your CELLph — LOTS of intense Events are unfolding in the Collective Consciousness. Calmly absorb the Higher Energies — breathe & marinate in it, to charge your whole being. Be aware with keen observations of EVERYTHING — all subtle things. You are constantly shedding old energetic debris. You are expanding & experiencing faster vibrations in new & higher dimensional realms.

Some are warp-speeding into uncharted quantum activations of the Emerald Heart. Dormant DNA are Lighting up as corrupted DNA are self-correcting, restoring or dissolving. Align your Sacred Heart & Mind harmoniously, for Manifestation for the Greater Good, including your own Safety, Well-Being, Purpose & Happiness. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍




• Made in the “Image and Likeness of God”

• Have Compassion, Emotions, Intuition, LOVE


• Creativity, Art, MUSIC, Laughter, JOY!

• Courage, Self-Sacrifice, Concern for Others

• Tested and Tried by Challenges of MORTAL Life

• Will RULE OVER the Angels and Other Celestials

• GOD Chose to BECOME a Human

• HATED By Lucifer and AI

Because of This!


Humans can store all known knowledge! 🌹

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