Misc. News and Reports 3/13/23 AM ~ March 13, 2023


Contagion continues and we are seeing a domino effect of banks collapsing..
Their solution? “BAILINS”
This means they can legally seize your bank accounts and keep them.
source: https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message5380139/pg1

We need to watch for any of the politicians or wealthy elite bugging out to underground bunkers. It is common knowledge that when a financial collapse is imminent the wealthy elite start a war – the politicians and wealthy elite would then run to their underground bunkers. And this time, they will need a nuclear war to accomplish their long term agenda.

How would “they” profit from global nuclear war?

Actually that is a good question. They wouldn’t “profit” from a nuclear war, initially. But that is not the point. A nuclear war is the end game scenario which is required to reset the system, depopulate the useless eaters and then make sure they remain as the untouchable leaders. Their long term agenda is to even collapse their own corporations to achieve their goals. This is discussed in their writings.
At that point they change hats and become the destroyers, creating chaos, so they can then offer the “new world order” as a solution.
If a person continues to think of the wealthy elite as always protective of their businesses, that is mono-dimensional thinking. Look outside the box and see their long term goals. Researchers know what they plan to do, we simply don’t know when they plan to do it. GE

“Notably, a previous executive worked at Lehmans: Joseph Gentile.

He was the Chief Administrative Officer at Silicon Valley Bank.
Prior to joining the firm in 2008, he served as the CFO for Lehman Brothers’ Global Investment Bank.
Lehman Brothers’ collapsed in 2007.”

“Previously, Mr. Gentile spent more than 10 years with J.P. Morgan in various financial management positions, including Global Head of Financial Risk Management. “
Joseph Gentile is the Chief Administrative Officer at SVB Securities.
Prior to joining the firm in 2007, Mr. Gentile served as the CFO for Lehman Brothers’ Global Investment Bank where he directed the accounting and financial needs within the Fixed Income division.
He started his career at Arthur Andersen. (Accounting firm for Enron)

Signature Bank has been closed by state authority according to Joint Statement by Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC.
source: https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message5382277/pg1

PacWest and First Republic are going to fail tomorrow right behind Sig and SVB. Tomorrow is Black Monday 100% for sure

Ten banks that are in trouble:
Customers Bancorp Inc.CUBI,
First Republic BankFRC,
Sandy Spring Bancorp Inc.SASR,
New York Community Bancorp Inc.NYCB,
First Foundation Inc.FFWM,
Ally Financial Inc.ALLY,
Dime Community Bancshares Inc.DCOM,
Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.PPBI,
Prosperity Bancshares Inc.PB,
Columbia Financial Inc.

Respect risk analyst and former Lehman Brothers Vice President, Larry McDondald has made a major statement on American
Asked to confirm that he thinks there will be a crash within 60 days. He response was clear.
“Yes because the withdrawal of capital from the middle class families is so spectacular, for every 1% increase, and we’ve done almost 5% now, every 1% takes $50 billion out of the pockets of middle class families.
“Auto loans right now are approaching 14%, almost 20% of auto loans are $1000 a month and so the middle class families are getting hammered here… The consumer pressures are getting violent.”

My mom is a VP at Fifth Third Bank and she says close your accounts today and pull your money out before tomorrow.

My uncle is a mortgage broker at Wells Fargo and he says the same thing.

BOA – mid level manager Son in law – You got about 3 days to get ALL of your money out of the bank before you lose it

In his opinion things are extremely bad. The way he is talking next week will be financially biblical. Get your money out now. The whole house of cards is about to collapse in a worldwide cascade of banking failures. They know it and there is no way to stop it. I hope he’s wrong.

However, it is still quite possibly the beginning of the end…massive unemployment, greater decline of US infrastructure as people will not work if they are not being paid, who plants, harvests the food, transports it..

I really see great doom or at least the closest our country has ever come to great doom. Buying up supplies/ prepping will help in the short term but long term, we are talking total chaos and anarchy and possibly invasion of the US.

Yes absolutely, that is the plan.
The doom will be worldwide,
chaos and gangs everywhere.
City fools after they rampage the urban areas, will then filter out to the countryside searching for food.

My wife has a 5/3 bank account (her job issues debit cards for their paychecks, too lazy to set up direct deposit for every employee’s individual banks). I had her clear her account yesterday. She had to try 3 different ATMs, first 2 were out of money. Local grocery store was also low on hard cash.
Something f**key us about to go down, and the people know it.

The U.S. banking system is on the verge of a much bigger collapse than 2008. Banks own long-term paper at extremely low interest rates. They can’t compete with short-term Treasuries. Mass withdrawals from depositors seeking higher yields will result in a wave of bank failures. Peter Schiff

Donald Trump this morning on Truth: pic.twitter.com/0luH1RiQXP— ALX (@alx) March 12, 2023

BREAKING: Our contact in Juarez, MX tells us a massive group of at least 1,000 migrants just attempted to rush a port of entry in El Paso in an effort to get into the United States. Video shows them pushing past the Mexican side of Paso Del Norte bridge. Awaiting CBP comment. pic.twitter.com/lxriIB3TSm— Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) March 12, 2023

Indianapolis family court.

I swear the venue doesn’t matter. Nothing matter. pic.twitter.com/dykPR0y9R4— Dane (@UltraDane) March 11, 2023

#BREAKING: Clouds of hot ash and lava exploded from a volcano in #Indonesia overnight, forcing authorities to halt tourism and mining activities. pic.twitter.com/gmFEDpkJ1G— Breaking News 24/7 (@Worldsource24) March 12, 2023


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