A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality ~ March 12, 2023


Editor’s Note: Many thanks to E for this fascinating share! Our future awaits us, allowing us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Disclosure happens on many fronts. Within the framework of Galactic Anthropology we keep up with developments relating to the interaction between all kinds of species, now, and in the past (and a bit from the future). We also follow the experiences of all kinds of people who have been part of Secret Space Programs and some people who have current experiences that they also share. All things related to events on our planet are also covered. This would hardly have been possible without the main source of information of this website, namely Elena Danaan. This site aims to help in spreading the information that she receives from our Galactic Friends.

Besides all these fascinating aspects there are also topics that have to do with technology. During a recent interview with Miyoko Sano (1) Elena was asked about the food the people eat in their spaceships. It was this interview in which Elena Danaan first (at least as far as I’m aware of) talked about the extra-galactic Hoovid-origin of the soul of Jesus (2). Another fascinating thing that happened during that interview was Thor Han’s voice suddenly popping up when Miyoko asked Elena if Thor Han liked music (3).

In the interview Elena Danaan said that there were places like bars and lounges (on spaceships) in which people have drinks (5), and there are other places where people also eat. Jean-Charles Moyen has spoken about the way the food tends to look (like mashed potatoes), but he was amazed by the excellent way it tasted (5).

We all know the food replicators from Star Trek and all kinds of Science Fiction Movies (6). What was interesting in the description below was that she also mentioned some kind of ‘which species are you-recognition touch pad’ that was part of the food replicator she saw. In other words: you have to lay your hand on a touch pad, and through scanning it, it can determine which species you are from, and consequently what kind of menus are an option for you. Not every species has the same requirements of course.

https://video.wordpress.com/embed/pqFQ0WXj?cover=1&preloadContent=metadata&useAverageColor=1&hd=1 Elena Danaan describes a Food Replicator that can also scan the Species using it. (1)

Towards the end of this video Miyoko describes a testimony from Emery Smith who also talked about food replicators in underground bases, which also had this species-recognition functionality. He said that the ‘meat’ from these replicators actually tasted better than the real thing (7).

Would the food replicators become part of the technology boost we will receive after the Deep State has finally been kicked out (8), just like the med-beds, the anti-gravity vehicles (9) and the free-energy technology?

(1) Q&A with Elena Danaan 2023. March 8, 2023
(2) Jesus, Jehovah, the Hoova and Thiaoouba
(3) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan – See the second video on that page to hear Thor Han say ‘Yes’ all of a sudden. On March 12, 2023, Elena added a link to a man in the US who looked a lot like someone from Erra, the planet Thor Han was born (although a few centuries in our future). You can watch him at the bottom of (4)
(4) Getting Acquainted with the Ahil
(5) To have a Drink at a Bar or Cafetaria in a Spaceship – In this article is a link to a (long) video in which Jean-Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan exchange their spaceship experiences with each other.
(6) Passengers (2016)
(7) Emery Smith – I hardly know this man. It might be interesting to delve into him a bit further. I did notice that there were all kinds of things going on around him, and of course I can’t judge what is right and wrong about all those articles.
(8) The Deep State is Fast-forwarding towards its Own Destruction
(9) Dr. Michael Salla posted a link to a speech from (president) Donald Trump in which he talked about the introduction of vertical vehicles. See Agenda47: A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living


10 thoughts on “A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality ~ March 12, 2023

  1. I wonder if the food from the food replicators is gonna taste as good as grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup, or yummy divinity..
    Or is it gonna be like the disappointing tv dinners that look yummy on the package but then you taste it and go yuck.


    1. The aliens have amazing tech……to travel FASTER THAN LIGHT, and to be able to harness the energy needed for it…..I am sure the food’s fine.

      And my grandmother was a lazy, stuck up Karen. She never made ANYTHING, even when my mom was a kid.

      I got far more trust in alien tech than anything down here.

      Anyhow, won’t matter until that tech GETS here.


      1. Humans can do alot of things without tech, co creating everything our minds can think of including tech.
        My grana was a great cook, my Mom not so much. I don’t like cooking butostly cuz I don’t like doing dishes but pretty decent cook.
        Humanity has created tech but their inventions stolen and buried. We’ve been dumbed down and poisoned by alien groups, who you think came here posing as Gods.


      2. HOLD IT, MUSE!

        I NEVER said gods…not once.
        they are friends, and friends, you know, HELP each other.

        Humans are not THAT great at ‘creating’, so far. I’ve yet to see anything their dinosaur tech can do for me.


      3. It’s ok Neil, I’m not knocking alien tech, I’m just saying humanity has been suppressed, dumbed down and poisoned for thousands of years.
        The only reason you’ve never saw it is because they wouldn’t allow it and inventors labs raided, like <Tesla who was working on the Philadelphia project, with Einstein for the gooberment. Tesla refused to do the experiment cuz it was unstable. He left to his hotel and dies that night and all his inventions and lab notes were taken by the gooberment.
        That's just one that we know of. A guy who invented cats running on water, poisoned. A guy who harnessed the electromagnetic energy in the air built a motor and got his lab raided and all of it taken.
        That is why you haven't seen any creations by humanity, plus humans create with thought and emotion. That is why they keep us in fear, to create the reality they want.
        While aliens use tech, humans use thought and emotion, frequency and vibration.
        Yes, aliens came here and screwed with our DNA, they've poisoned us with chemicals in our water, air and used their tech to cause the so called Noah's flood. They built the death traps and this matrix to recycle us usurping our life force and our power thru religion and telling us we must worship some God.
        Yes, Yahweh was one of those entities, now all aliens aren't bad just like all humans aren't bad.
        You can hate in vanity all you want but this is the place where all are watching, and humanity will wake up and realize were creating this and it'll all change. This is quantum physics. Humanity don't need yech but yeah, we'll use it, sure cuz there's alot that needs healing here after all the damage that's been done to humanity.
        Well rise, don't worry.
        The aliens are watching.


      4. I also hate being human, muse. I see nothing good in being a human. I need to be ALIEN, in addition to being feminine again.

        Liked by 1 person

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