THE AI, THE HIVE MIND, DARPA and MIND CONTROL for the NWO – March 11, 2023



7 thoughts on “THE AI, THE HIVE MIND, DARPA and MIND CONTROL for the NWO – March 11, 2023

  1. Making me angry after 8.45 these fucktards are beyond evil and need to be strung up literally.
    It was said that the Matrix was a documentary NOT a film. I chose the red pill years ago.


  2. There are many of those T.I.s, years ago I started watching videos of 9Nania on YouTube when she talked about the electronic harassment she was going thru and trying to keep her and her son safe.
    She would put aluminum foil on her windows which helped some but it’s also why the wanted to get rid of lead paint cuz they couldn’t penetrate the walls with the lead in the paint.
    Most thought she was bonkers but I didn’t.
    She went thru the whole book of Genesis taking back thru Greek then original language on the parts that didn’t make much sense and wow, just wow. The true story that came out was mind boggling. How these beings like Yahweh and others came and manipulated humanity’s DNA with technology, how Lilith, the first female who was to mate with Adam was not human.
    Then there’s Creedo Mutwa who was a tribal history keeper given this ancient necklace which had various things on it representing the beings that came and put their people into these machines and separated the sexes, how they then at the time of his interview, would send people from these organizations to give them vaccines and it would remove or block their telepathic and other psychic abilities and Creedo and many others would hide from them, some of these people killed those emissaries who brought those innoculations but they kept sending them in anyway.
    Someone stole Creedos necklace, it’s so sad that people actually think they are helping people by giving them these shots. Mindless bullcrap.


  3. I recommend Lisa Renee’s website: Energetic Synthesis. It helped to put me on the
    clarity road.
    “Who is Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis & What is Ascension Plan B …
    Lisa Renee is another beautiful woman both inside and out that I have been so blessed to find. I reference her material frequently and am overdue in providing some more background. The extensive body of work she shares on Energetic Synthesis boggles my whole being on a regular basis. It truly is a gift.”

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    1. Lisa Renee is a fantastic soul providing really good info, yet her articles are typically difficult to read.
      Which may interfere with the ability of some to access the info she provide. Soooo glad she is here providing foundational support as we all tradition! 😊🌹🎉


    2. Yes, I’m familiar of Lisa, she is amazing.
      Another one to look into is the Voyager series by Ashayana Deane. It use to be on but they have since removed it due to its content.


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